Hold the phone!? Landlines – who uses theirs nowadays?

Whilst idly wasting time surfing the internet looking for something interesting to write whilst i’m enjoying my holiday in Thailand, I came across a video about landlines, and if anybody actually uses it anymore.

First thing I did was to check with a few mates if they knew their number – I did this by messaging them on Whatsapp and sending a group Skype message – we’ve moved on so much we don’t even use our mobile numbers to communicate!.  So all in all I’ll go along with the research 100%.
The video was from Relish – London’s new wireless broadband service – which has just released a video experiment to highlight how few people actually know their landlines numbers these days, and that many landlines are used solely for the purpose of accessing the internet – meaning people pay for unused line rental, on top of their monthly broadband fee.
In the video participants were asked on the spot to try and call their own landline number off the top of their head, and offered a prize of £50 cash if they could. (I know there’s not a chance that I could tell you mine off the top of my head, and honestly, I don’t even have a phone plugged in). The video can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy5-0sc3OKY it really highlights how the need for a landline is becoming a thing of the past.
Relish’s 4G wireless network for central London means that you can get online without needing to wait for a broadband installation guy, long contracts or unwanted landlines.
Research commissioned by Relish reveals:
– Nearly half of Londoners only keep their home phone so they can access the internet
– Almost 40% of Londoners don’t know their own home phone number
– 56% don’t know how much they’re paying for their landline each month
– Over half ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ use their home phone to make calls
– 65% of adults admit that landlines are a thing of the past
You can find out more by visiting https://www1.relish.net/, following Relish on Twitter andFacebook
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