Hold the phones! Have you heard of OLX.IN?

I’m UK based, over here we have Ebay, Gumtree and (to a lesser extent) Loot.  I know our American brothers have eBay and Craigslist – but what about the scores of our Asian friends?  What do they do if they want to buy and sell their products, or have classified ads of their own?

Step up OLX.IN

OLX is a marketplace for buying and selling goods, it currently operates in 96 countries (yes we know that’s smaller than eBay but..) it predominaently targets coutnries like India, Hong Kong the Philippnes and China.

India is the main market – hence the .IN domain extension and it has grown massively in the last few years.  Check out one of their ads below:

I have to confess that my Indian isn’t great, but you can hear the English “sell at a good price” which tells you all you need to know!

You can catch some more videos here.

Why you should use OLX.IN

Firstly, it’s cheaper than it’s western counterparts in terms of fees for listing products.  This is important if you are selling a large number of products and have quite tight margins to maintain.

The interface is great, they have a “My OLX” section that allows you to manage your listings and tweak as necessary.

The integration with social networks is better than what we see with the more traditional players in the market – you can hook up your classified ads to a number of social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest with just a few clicks.

The site is fully mobile compatible (not being mobile compatable would be a big trick considering the growth of mobile in India particularly).



In Conclusion

OLX.in is massive, and is growing very quickly.  If you are trying to reach the Indian marketplace then you have to at least investigate this.  The prices are good, the interface is good and the business opportunites that you see today are just the tip of the iceberg for this site.

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