How Technology Culture Promotes Addiction

Technology is an invaluable resource to the world. It is a curator of amazing things, and by no means is it bad on its own. Before the days of the industrial revolution, people were apprehensive about technology. They were afraid because they didn’t know how it worked, and they didn’t know how the introduction of it into their world was going to change their daily lives.

Today, things still operate in a similar light. Of course, technology is more widely accepted and people are less afraid of it and more excited by it, but depending on the technology, how big it is, and it’s projected reach, people still react the same way to technology today, even in a technology-based world.

For example, with the introduction of more robots and computers doing everyday activities humans have done for years, there is a fear that the change it will bring will not be conducive to a growing economy because people will not have jobs. Of course with the stripping of jobs, there is also growth in the development of technologies to accomplish more than ever imagined. There is always room to go up, so while people can fear technology, it’s not bad.

One thing you do have to be careful about with technology, however, is getting addicted to it! Here are ways a technology culture promotes addiction:

Everything is Accessible

Technology has opened up world markets, and today, if you want anything, you can have it delivered right to your door in a matter of hours. This creates a problem because when you know you can have access to as much of anything as you want, you can become dependent on that very thing. Not only in a negative way, but technology could also help bear positive results. For instance, the street value of Oxycontin and other prescribed/illicit drugs can be now tracked, which can help in understanding the illegal drug trading scenario. This can further help in making detailed reports on how the current population across the globe is holding out in the midst of a drug trafficking crisis. Luckily, that same technology gives you access to receive help for any addictions you might acquire. In the end, watch your own back. Just because you can have it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Technology Makes Things Bigger and Better

One of technology’s great assets is also its downfall. Because technology aims to push envelopes and create new boundaries and worlds to explore, the person on the receiving end gets things in a bigger and better, more potent dose.

In the world of gaming, food, drugs, and anything else you can think of, active technological breakthroughs are making your experience with that thing really awesome and memorable, but it keeps you coming back, and if that, in turn, stops you from achieving anything else in your life, that’s an addiction that needs to be taken care of.

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