How to Improve Business Productivity

The arrival of email as a communication tool revolutionised the way we do business: messages and associated files can be instantly received on the other side of the world, breaking down geographical and time zone barriers, to create an always-on virtual marketplace.

This brave new world has its downsides, however. The convenience and low cost of emailing has led to most of our inboxes creaking under the strain of a daily deluge of messages, many unwanted.

While it’s all too easy to sweep older messages under the carpet, never to be thought about again, an effective and robust email archivingsolution is essential for organizations for many different reasons.

Records and compliance

The virtual paper trail left by email acts like a record of your company’s activities. Whether you need to check up on customer orders, or are legally obliged to produce correspondence with a particular client, the quality of your emailing archive system can make a real difference in being able to pull the right messages from the pile.

Legal responsibilities, product development, times and dates of orders and client agreements are some of the types of information that could be collected within your email archives. With data this crucial to the smooth running of your business, you don’t want to leave your email archiving to chance and just hope for the best.

Sharing the load

We’re often so busy dealing with email that there isn’t time to think about archiving it or organising it in any meaningful way. This is where companies such as Mimecast come in: by outsourcing your email archiving to a cloud provider, you can ensure that your records will be kept in good order, without adding to the work done by your individual staff members.

Just like how organizations tend to rely on the services of outsourcing companies (like Peak Support, for example) to carry out their additional tasks, you can also rely on such services to move your emails to a cloud provider. Left untouched, disparate, and incomplete email archives will build upon individual employees’ machines and separate servers, making organizing and searching through them a daunting challenge. Moving to a central, cloud-based email archiving solution removes many of these problems, giving you records that you can rely on that require very little in the way of staff maintenance.

Archiving benefits

With a competent email archiving system in place, you can be sure that your staff are able to pick out older messages instantly and with the minimum of effort. By storing emails in the cloud, you can save on local storage costs and prevent individual users from hoarding messages in their own archives, where they can be easily lost or hidden.

Having an email archive in the cloud means that the strain is reduced on your local email systems; then they can then be left to focus on handling new messages. What’s more, a local network or hardware failure won’t endanger your archives, which will be safely stored on the web for when you need them.

Managers and end-users alike can all benefit from the freedom offered by a dedicated cloud-based email archiving system. Waste no time in finding one that works for your company’s specific needs, in terms of access, searching and mobile app support.

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