Inspiration for Web Designers

If you’re a newly-minted web designer then congratulations, you’re one of millions upon millions all around the world, some of which web “designers” are online Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress and What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platforms like Wix! So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the competition is stiff, but don’t let that put you off because you can draw inspiration from many places to carve out a successful and profitable web design career for yourself.

This inspiration perhaps applies to seasoned veterans of the web design market as well and it comes in the form of working towards an end-goal.

Work towards something

As much as web designers are a pound a penny, particularly if you consider the fact that a web designer is perhaps the epitome of someone who can work remotely, surprisingly there are plenty of opportunities available for web designers. Good web designers, such as, are based all over the world, and their market demand is on the increase. If you’re any good at your craft, whether you’re self-taught or indeed if you’ve gone through a formal qualification process in web design, take the time to look long and hard enough and you’ll realise that there are plenty of opportunities for you out there.

The traditional route of seeking employment from a web design company is somewhat played out because good web designers realise that they can go directly to their clients and in that way earn a lot more money. It’s perhaps a trade-off between a regular income and getting paid the market-related, full fee for the amount and quality of work completed though. Alternatively, companies may choose to seek out a particular web designer themselves, like the best wordpress designer oldham has to offer, if they are impressed by their work.

That’s why whatever your approach is to your web design exploits, you should work towards a goal in the form of your work eventually generating a passive income for you. The simplest way through which to do this is perhaps to operate a reseller web hosting operation in addition to the web design, which would mean that your clients then pay you a monthly web hosting fee in addition to the once-off fee they would have paid you for the development work itself. You can refer to a Web Design Pricing Guide to figure out how much you’re going to charge your clients.

Alternatively you can recommend a web hosting company for them to use by simply sending them your affiliate link for some of the world’s biggest web hosting companies that have affiliate programmes.

Target a specific market

Some of the most successful web designers in terms of their client base and their income derived from their craft don’t have a multitude of clients. Instead they have a handful of clients, some of whom even have just one or two clients. You need to focus on a specific market so that you can master that market, like perhaps choosing to cater to the legal market and design professional websites for law firms specialising in injury law, for example. This way you build up a reputation through which you can quite easily get referrals and repeat business in the form of maintaining existing websites, updating them and even hosting them – all of which after-sales services you should be paid for, of course.

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