How to think of an invention

If you’ve ever dreamed of coming up with a new invention which will change the way we live and also to run a successful business from its launch to the world, there are a number ways to stimulate your mind so you can think about new ideas and discover untapped markets.

The place to start is to brainstorm what you already know. Think about the areas you are an expert in; computers, gaming or mobile phones perhaps. If you are going to invent something, you need to already have knowledge to be able to recognise a new idea and its place in the market. If you have ideas which are outside your realm of experience, it will always stay just a great idea as you won’t know how to take it any further and may not understand the audience it would be intended for. Write all your ideas – even if they don’t seem achievable – in a notebook. Write them all as a list and keep adding to them every day. You may find you can combine different ideas to come up with an invention which is a mixture of two or three thoughts to make the perfect product or service.

The next stage is to choose one of the ideas and decide that it is going to be your invention. You need to know what it is going to look like, so start to sketch all aspects of it into the notebook. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you can draw, it’s just about getting the physical image of it onto paper so you can look and analyse it. Think about how you could improve on it in different ways; size, shape, and the material it would be manufactured from and even how it might look on the shelf of a shop or warehouse.

Research is key when thinking of a new invention. If your idea already exists then it is time to return to your original list and start again. If it doesn’t exist and you think it will fill a gap in the market, it’s time to protect your idea. This is a vital step to ensure it can’t be stolen by anyone else and claimed as their own.  You also need to think through who would buy your invention and why. If it hasn’t been invented yet because there’s no need, you will waste a great deal of time and money producing something that nobody has a use for.

When you get to the stage where you feel that you want to protect your invention, great patent attorneys can be found at London IP. They can offer expert advice about the process and help you with all your patent needs.

A new invention can change the world; it must though be of use, have a new application not already thought of and successfully marketed. If all these areas are covered, it won’t be long before you will see your idea become reality and you can bask in the glory of going down in the history books as someone who made a difference.

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