Laptops Versus Tablets: The Ultimate Showdown

The decision to upgrade your current laptop can be a tough one. With so much new tech on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. One of the biggest dilemmas of our thoroughly modern times is whether to invest in a laptop or tablet. Both have amazing benefits and few disadvantages. It is the ultimate dilemma. Of course, whether you choose between a laptop or a tablet depends on various things.

Let’s get to the showdown and help you decide.


Laptops are perfect for techno-nerds that love power over style. Laptops have such a powerful processing hardware that it allows for a much wider use. If you want to do more than simply browse the net and download apps, the laptop is for you. Laptops are much like women: they are better at multitasking. In short, if you want an all rounder that performs all tasks well, you should be considering purchasing a laptop.

Web browsing, media streaming and gaming is incredibly efficient with a laptop. Of course, these functions can be performed on a tablet, but the graphics and sound quality will be of a lesser quality. Resolution and frame rate cannot be rivalled with a laptop.

Should you want your laptop for other uses, you can perform a multitude of tasks on them. This includes photo editing, video editing and music creation. These tasks are incredibly complex and cannot be undertaken on a tablet.

If you are in need of a serious piece of kit that can assist you with all aspects of your daily life, the choice is obvious. There are some big names too. Samsung, HP and Acer Laptops are all household names. You are sure to find a laptop that you will love.


The serious tech-nerds among us will obviously revere innovative technology. That is a given. What is more, tablets are the cutting edge of computer technology. Small. Robust. Easy to fit in your pocket. It’s amazing to think what something so little can do.

The touch screen features of tablets make them an attractive prospect. They are small, yet mighty. The price is appealing for many too. Laptops can be costly. The average Apple Mac can set you back nearly a grand. With that in mind, it is important to note that tablets are becoming more affordable.

Apps have allowed gamers to game in a truly portable way. The graphics are not hampered by a smaller screen. Although it is worth remembering, that the graphics are not as impressive when compared with a laptop.

Brands such as Apple’s iPad, Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire have all paved the way. The tablet is fast-becoming a permanent fixture within people’s homes. The constant regenerations of these devices mean that they can date quite quickly. This can be something of an annoyance to those who have just purchased a new tablet.

They are affordable. What is more, they are intuitive. The sleek, portable design is perfect for many as they can slip the tablet into their pocket. They are the ultimate companion.

In short, if you want something robust and powerful you need to invest in a laptop. For those who want sleek portability, opt for the tablet.


Image Credit: Liam Dunn

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