Move Files between Cloud Services Using the CloudFuze

CloudFuze, the ultimate platform for multiple cloud management offers a seamless migration solution. It has a simple, single screen ability to move or migrate files from one cloud storage service to another.

Step 1: Log in, Add Clouds (if logging in for the first time) and start the Migration.

After logging into CloudFuze and setting up clouds using the “Add Clouds” button, click on “Move” in the left navigation bar. (if you do not have an account sign up here)


Step 2: Select “Source Cloud”

You will then be taken to a page where you can view all the files in the different storage services that you have added to CloudFuze.  On the left is the “Source Cloud” where you can select a storage service to move files from.  On the right is the “Destination Cloud” where you can select a storage service to move files to.  (See the picture below.)  Select the “Source Cloud” from which you wish to move files.

Select Source Cloud

Select Source Cloud

Step 3: Select files or folders

CloudFuze allows selection of files and folders to move. Choose the individual files or folders from within the “Source Cloud” that you wish to move.


Step 4: Select the “Destination Cloud”

Finally, select the “Destination Cloud” and folder location to which you would like to move the file(s)/folder(s), and then click “Move” in the top right corner of the screen.

Select the destination cloud

Select the destination cloud

Step 5:  Check and confirm the transaction

You will then be presented with a confirmation screen with details of the transaction including files to be moved and the “Source” and “Destination” storage services.  Below the transaction details, you can have transaction completion notifications sent to yourself and also others.  You can also choose to delete the source files from the original storage service using the “Delete source files” checkbox.

For Copy functionality, make sure you deselect the check box (Delete source files) and then confirm the move.

For Cut functionality, make sure you select the check box (Delete source files) and then confirm the move.

After checking the transaction for accuracy, click “Confirm Move” to complete the transaction.


You can see the status of move transactions that are scheduled for your account in the My Move Schedules screen.


About the Author-

Ram Bayisett is the head digital marketing of CloudFuze,Inc.  an organization founded with the goal of leading the next phase in the evolution of cloud storage and document and file management. His aim is to enable individuals, companies and software developers to connect to and reap the benefits of the expanded set of file management and storage options without the need to deal with their complexities. Cloudfuze aim to provide a cleaner,simpler way to migrate, secure and manage all your assets.

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