Don’t Believe the Myths About the Cloud!

Whenever you read about the business benefits offered by the Cloud, the most commonly mentioned is cost-savings. And that is, obviously, a fundamental attraction to companies that want to reduce their spend on IT. But it is far from being the only major benefit.

These include creating a more flexible business, able to respond faster to changing demands in the marketplace; and a more resilient, secure IT environment, where staff can be confident of uptime and the risk of virus or hack attacks are significantly lower, despite news headlines. Secure Cloud services are available, but companies have to take responsibility for the decision on which to use. A reputable Cloud provider should be pleased to demonstrate the efficacy of its security measures.


Another myth commonly perpetuated by nay-sayers is that moving business IT functions into the Cloud involves a loss of control. In fact nothing could be further from the truth, and in many cases this is precisely the opposite. In the first place, a business can decide exactly what functions it will place in the Cloud, and which it will keep in-house. It’s not all-or-nothing – hybrid packages are common. Secondly, by allowing the company to ability to quickly expand or rollback features and functionality, the Cloud gives it a far greater sense of control, because the business can quickly adapt.


Some businesses are wary of investing too much in Cloud applications, that it is too new and may prove to be just a flash in the pan. But it should be obvious by looking at the major names involved in offering Cloud solutions, such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft, or the massive companies that have taken the step of moving some or all of their applications into a Cloud, that it is a proven technology and one that will be around for years to come. The Cloud is simply an advancement in the service of hosting real-time telecommunications, something that has been around for years. So if you have been contemplating moving your data and operations to the cloud for sometime now, it could be the right time to consult this Ottawa cloud consulting company Pilotcore or others like them, so that they can help make the migration efficient and hassle-free.


Cloud solutions can often be cost-effective. They can be secure, customizable, and they can deliver quality voice communications. But it all depends on the provider selected. That is why for businesses considering a move into the Cloud, the research beforehand is half the battle.

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