People in the UK still concerned over privacy

Being online comes as second nature to many people, some people practically live out their whole lives online whether it’s via social media or blogs. However according to a recent study revealed that 64% of Brits are worried about the intrusion into their lives when online and personal data being shared. The study also showed that 54% stated they could not live without technology such as mobile devices, apps and the internet.

The study, conducted by online voucher code website My Voucher Codes offers interesting insight into how people really feel about the internet and the technology some of us take for granted. Many people use the internet, mobile phones and apps daily, from work commitments and keeping in contact with friends and family, to using online banking or shopping sometimes, this is without a second thought.

The study showed that although a massive 64% of Brits are concerned, 12% actually don’t care and 24% are sometimes concerned about intrusion into their lives from using the internet and third parties gaining information about you and spying on you. The report which you can read here on Social Barrel stated that:

  • Women were more likely to be worried about the personal data being shared compared to men,
  • Women were also more likely to be unsure about what to do, to keep safe online.
  • Those aged 45+ were more concerned about the intrusion into their lives
  • Younger generation, more likely not to care.

Comments from those taking part in the study:

“I do not dwell on it but I limit my interaction with sites I suspect use my information or share it”

“I don’t worry but I do take steps when I can to prevent third parties gaining information for example usually ticking the box that requests no information be sent”

“I’m conscious of it but take reasonable care to protect myself so yes I care but it doesn’t burden me heavily”

Looking further into how people feel about modern technology we now take for granted My Voucher Codes also asked how they felt about the increased use of mobile phones, tablet devices, the internet and apps.

  • 54% of Brits said they wouldn’t know where they would be without
  • Just 6% would like to go back to a simpler time, when this technology never existed.
  • Whilst 40% said they can feel lost without the technology, however they too wished they could go back to a simpler time.

People stated:

“I love my tech but wish it would not intrude in being social”

“I’d rather have an amazing memory and no proof than a beautifully filtered photo while missing out on the action”

“It is great to have, but we would still exist without it”

We know technology is here to stay, but it is up to us, how much it is involved in our everyday lives.

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