The Perfect Functional Specifications of the Privacy Guard

This is the perfect Android Application and it is being rightly designed for the perfect protection of the applications. It can protect your contents and SMSs and this way you can save your device from the notice of the others. It may be so that you are staying in the same room with someone that you don’t know. Thus, you don’t want the person to know the details of your device. This is when you are in need of the android guard so that the person is not able to see your private messages in case you leave your phone within the room.

The Security Process of the Guard

This is the absolute security system of the LEO Privacy Guard with which you can make your phone look normal but you can make use of the guard to lock all the secret data and disallow someone from having a peep inside the device. This way you can even keep the phone safe from the paranoid partner and you can even keep the kids away searching for games within the phone. In fact, the guard has been designed for the better protection of the application from all curious eyes. In the way now you can stay assured that all data are safe and there is no leakage of the essential info.

Knowing More about the LEO Guard

This is the perfect way you can lock the application without using the PIN or the pass code. and the user of the phone will not know what’s happening till the time he would deal with the application. This way you know that none will be able to open the phone and see what’s inside. So you get the absolute peace of mind that you have kept al the secrets untouched. You can have different modes of the guard for the home and for the office.

The Guard has so many things in offer. It even makes the perfect cover for your application. It even comes with the speed boost and with this the device is sure to work so smoothly without creating any disturbance. The guard is the technology of the era and it can be used for so many reasons all at the same time. For the best locking system of the application you have to download the guard from the Play Store. Once the job is accomplished you would know the different things the guard ahs in offer.

The LEO Privacy Guard is just remarkable in its own arena. Once you want to unlock the guard you have to put in the pass code or the PIN and in the way you can make things happen for the best. Once the job is done along with the setting question you should go back to the main menu to check with the working of the guard. You will be surprised to see the phone perfectly protected and guarded and it is wonder that all data are kept absolutely safe. Now, you are absolutely sure that your phone is in strong hands.

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