Why Photography Is So Important in Branding?

In our visually rich world dominated by social media your brand isn’t just exposed to your customers, it’s out there for the entire world to see. With 20 billion photos on Instagram, 300 million photos uploaded onto Facebook daily, and about ten percent of the photos ever taken being published in the past twelve months, it’s no surprise that according to a recent survey published on eMarketer that 75% of photos account for content worldwide.

But establishing your brand with high quality imagery is not as simple as purchasing a few photos from a stock library.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, avoid grainy pixelated stock photos that devalue your business, because it’s a proven fact that this will not only deter potential leads but also make your business not look like the real deal.

Although professional photos can certainly cost a pretty penny and dig deep into a company’s marketing budget, the return that it will bring onto your business will not only ensure that you’re standing head and shoulders above your competitors, but also improve engagement with your target audience.


Don’t Be Cheap

A mobile phone is hardly fitting for business photos no matter how many likes you’ve gained on Instagram for your amateur photography.

Rather than attempt any form of DIY that’s going to leave your Facebook followers cringing, research photographers who have experience with brand photography and ensure to look at the costs involved and the expertise they have. Prices will vary depending on experience but don’t be fooled into paying a cheap price, as you’ll only be left with a cheap product.

Set the Brief

Once you’ve hired a Toronto photographer for branding photos, it’s essential that you set a clear and concise brief that can detail exactly what you would like to achieve from your photos. This way you won’t be disappointed with the end result and feel as though your money has been wasted.

If you have time create a mood board with images that you’ve seen by other companies that you like, but try to think outside of the box as well so that you’re standing out. Even adding subject photos of the office space and computers can ensure you have a library of images to use should you need them.

Company photos should reflect your founding principles and the values that drive your business.

Appropriate imagery will promote this across your marketing campaigns, website and social media updates.


Invest Your Time

When it comes to photo day don’t rush the process.

Get everyone involved and make it a fun day that makes use of the photographer’s time and skills.

Make a list of the images that you specifically require such as team photos, profile pictures and the building, but then leave time for adhoc photos of everyone working or taking part in an activity.

Don’t forget to think about where these are going to be used, and if possible try and have separate ‘social’ images that would benefit any social media posts.

This way your imagery will always appear fresh to your audience and they’ll be more enticed to engage with your post.

Enhance Your Marketing

Establishing your brand with high quality imagery will propel your current marketing efforts and display your business in the most professional way possible.

Use your photos on your website, brochure, social media, and even modernise your business cards to include a photo, perhaps with a modern twist using a USB device such as these Slim Cards that can carry your special offers and brochures without the need for the heavy paper files.

Once you begin to publish your images and update your branding to fit in-line with your company ethos, you’ll be surprised at the leads you may gain due to your bespoke photos.

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