The power of people in design

With technology developing more and more every day, human beings are being forced to look at a future with some form of Artificial Intelligence present, and perhaps even taking over some of our jobs in the future.

A Future of Employment report, produced by the University of Oxford, looked at the job roles that are most – and least likely – to be taken over by artificial intelligence. Out of 700 jobs, the most likely was telemarketers, with referees and watch repairers appearing in the top 20. Conversely, the least likely roles were more creative, and included art directors and graphic designers.

Why are these creative roles harder to replicate?

Precision Printing, providers of specialist book printing services, believe it is the unique and inherently human element of design that makes it hard for robots to mimic.

Their Masters of Design series celebrates what is unique about creatives. It is a series of interviews with design professionals that gives a unique insight into the field.

The designers come from a huge range of backgrounds, including:

A Dandypunk who works as a designer and creator at Cirque du Soleil

Timba Smits creative director at movie and review magazine Little White Lies

Ryan McElderry Senior Graphic Designer at Mediaworks digital marketing agency

Radim Malinic award-winning graphic designer and art director

Mike Kus, specialist in illustration, design and branding

Check out the series of interviews and enjoy clear demonstration of why A.I won’t be interfering with design for a long time…

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