Why Pro Gamblers Should Vary the Types of Games They Play

The days when someone who identifies as a professional gambler could go to Thailand and live it up making stupid money playing poker online are long since gone with a little bit more organisation required of anyone who seeks to make a living as a pro gambler. You can tell from online casino resources sites like Casino Billions that the most popular games which offer the biggest chance of winning are no longer those which are based on traditional poker room type events.

It’s not impossible though to make your living as a new-age pro gambler, but you’d have to look towards slots games amongst many others, in addition to those games which are based more on pitting your skills against others, like poker. So you have to vary the type of games you play, for a number of reasons.

Platform credibility breeds player-credibility

If there are ever any security vulnerabilities for people to exploit where money is involved, they’ll definitely do so. Consequently, more pro gamblers are realising that slots based games over pure-skill games like live poker for example offer better security as a by-product of the online slots platform’s drive to maintain credibility. If you’re playing live Texas Hold ‘em with four other players in an online poker room for example, there’s a big chance all the other four players are in collusion to fleece you of the money you’d innocently believe was won off of you fair and square. So it’s not quite purely based on skill alone…

With online slots on the other hand everybody has a fair chance of winning and if you develop a proper strategy as a pro gambler then you’ll eventually figure out how to win more money than what you ever lose.

A greater emphasis on fun

There’s a story of how a fan of the pop legend Michael Jackson won a big jackpot playing a slots game bearing the pop icon’s theme, and while this winner may or may not be a professional gambler, what is demonstrated by this story is that there should indeed be a greater emphasis on fun. So you need to vary the types of games you play to keep your mind engaged and entertained. After all, a killer strategy will pretty much hold up across the board with all games that give you a chance of winning money by putting down some of your own. It all comes down to odds analysis and strategic betting, so you might as well have fun while doing it.

More opportunities to win

Being a cling-on and only playing one game because it might have helped you hit the jackpot once upon a time will be to your detriment as a pro gambler. It’s better to vary the types of games you play because that way you get more opportunities to win, some of which are indirect, like how you might get to enjoy some extra spins as part of a signup bonus or special promotion for joining a specific casino for the first time.

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