Promote Your Products in Time for Christmas

Owning a store can be difficult when it comes to Christmas time. Yes, more people are out shopping but there are a lot more stores holding special offers for the festive season and bringing in new stock to sell to intrigue and excite customers. Competing with the larger stores can be really difficult because they are trusted for quality (well, most of them anyway) and they have the budget to sell their stock for much cheaper than the average boutique store.

But however cheap and convenient they may be, there is something that supermarkets will never quite have…charm. No one walks past a supermarket and says ‘Oh it looks like such a nice shop let’s have a quick look inside.’ This is because supermarkets don’t focus on one type of product. They don’t sell just gifts, or just food, or just clothes…they sell it all, and the overall charm and appeal of the store suffers because of it. Your store needs to have that special spark that makes people want to come inside, so make sure to decorate it beautifully this coming Christmas season. Invest in the right kind of retail store fixtures so that you can showcase your best products in the front. While decorating, also make sure it doesn’t look cheap or tacky, but beautifully elegant and inviting for customers.

Another great way of promoting yourselves in time for Christmas shopping season is by using direct marketing Leeds to advertise your special offers and specific products that may be best sellers etc. Direct marketing works by sending mail directly through property letter boxes as a regular letter would be. Inside an envelope, you should have enclosed a flyer for your store or a leaflet explaining about your products/services/sale etc.

So how can you benefit from direct marketing Leeds? One of the best things about this promotion system is that it gives you an exact idea of who your target market are. If you send mail to the homes of 50 older couples and 50 younger couples, 35 younger couples respond, 10 don’t respond at all and 5 older couples get in touch then you know exactly who to reach out to the most. Of course, those aren’t exact statistics because all campaigns are different but you can see how it works. If you’re holding a special offer in store that you think would be the perfect solution for young couples moving in together for the first time (maybe you sell modern furniture for around the home at lower prices) then you should aim to promote your business in the places where younger couples live, like student areas and cheaper housing streets.

People will always get more excited about shopping opportunities around Christmas time so make sure to take full advantage and start promoting your company and its products right now, before the Christmas period starts! Come early December, the shoppers will already have you in mind and your products will be flying off the shelves like hot cakes (quite literally if you sell baked goods).

So whether you choose to put up flyers, lure customers with a great appearance, use direct marketing Leeds, or just run around raving about your store, here’s hoping you have a fantastic Christmas season and a very prosperous New Year!

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