Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing an E-reader

Are you thinking of purchasing an e-reader? Lots of people are opting for a modern e-reader over a traditional book. Lots of people said that they wouldn’t let this new age piece of equipment replace books, but they become more and more appealing. One device can fit thousands of books, and many of them are even waterproof! Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing an e-reader:

How Often Do You Read?

An e-reader is great if you like to read fairly often. If you don’t, it might not actually be worth your while. When you factor in the cost of the e-reader, you won’t save that much on the books you buy. Sometimes, e-books can be a lot cheaper than physical books. However, in some cases, they’re only a fraction cheaper. You’d have to buy a lot of books before your purchase became worthwhile! If this doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and buy an e-reader!

What Do You Like to Read?

This isn’t a very important question, but it can make owning an e-reader more beneficial to you. Usually, you’ll find books that aren’t very well known for ridiculously cheap prices. This means you could build up your Kindle library fairly easily if you like to read books by little known authors. Occasionally, popular books will be on offer too. However, you have to keep a keen eye out to get good deals like that.

What’s Your Budget?

There’s literally an e-reader to suit every budget, so make sure you know how much you’d like to spend. You can get standard models for less than £50, while a more advanced model will be £100 or more. Make sure you do your research to make sure you get good value for money. Whichever model you decide on, make sure you get a cover to go with it. It makes no sense buying a fairly expensive device only to scratch it and damage it! Covers these days do a great job of protecting your e-reader. Many of the cases come in nice colours and patterns too. A Kindle paperwhite case, for instance, can be found in lots of cool patterns to suit your style. Factor a case into your budget when doing the math.


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What Features Do You Need?

E-readers come with all kinds of features these days. Paperwhite e-readers look as if you’re reading from the page of a book. Some e-readers have screens more like tablets, full of colour. Some of them are waterproof, some have a backlight so you can read in the dark. You really need to list what you want in an e-reader to make sure you get the best model for you. You might even be able to find some cool accessories to go with your e-reader once you’ve decided on the one for you!

So, do you think buying an e-reader is the right thing for you to do after reading this post? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Come back for more soon!


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