Getting the best R4 gaming cards online

I really like a good game after I come home from work. That is what really unwinds me. And I have been a buff of games for quite a long time now and cannot imagine even a single day without getting to play. It is my drug and I really like to spend some quality time with myself and my console.

The only time I really hate it all is when my console goes on a leave. I really don’t like to know that my console has taken a sabbatical which is why I go to all lengths to ensure that I get only the best of cards and relevant products and accessories for my gaming console. I found this amazing site from the internet and the kind of cards they were selling – all were up my specification sleeve and now I know for sure where I should turn to when I am on a gaming upgrading mood.

Now, here I got these amazing cards which I want to share with you. Not all of them mind you (my console is waiting as I write this). Let us see:

R4 3DS – The R4 3DS card is all about the age old console and is readily my favorite of all times. I like being upgraded I mean it but it is the custom old cards that make my task simpler and easy and I like to stick to them as much as I can.

R4i SDHC – One of the top favorites of gamers is the R4i SDHC and is undoubtedly going to remain so. The R4 cards SDHC are meant for easy upgrading for games and higher features and are used for multimedia storage capacity also.

R4i Gold – R4i Gold has been yet on the blocks for its variety of purposes and how it can be used with different consoles also. The kernel OS for it is very specific and so you can have a great time using the R4i Gold card.

These are to mention some of the cards. Most of the cards are compatible to only specific gaming Consoles and Nintendo and need to be upgraded likewise. Some games are released in the market on higher operating system versions and so it becomes imperative that you too undergo upgrading and make sure that those games work for you.










Make sure you refer to the online portals like once in a while to see what is new and what are the latest releases and upgrades that you should go for. In a way you get a fine collection of games.

Author Bio:

Chris stays in California and is a gaming specialist. As a career beginner, he started his life designing gaming consoles and being part of the programming team for games. Now that he has retired early and decided to go on a more commercial level, he tutors and gives guest lectures for young game designers and programmers as a start up to their careers. Chris in his favorite pastime reads gaming magazines!


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