Four Reasons to Have Meetings Off-Site

Startups or smaller companies can’t compete with the standard of facilities that more established companies can offer. This means they tend to use spaces on offer from commercial properties like hotels or restaurants when it comes to organising a company meeting or speaking to an important client. Renting an off-site meeting room from a specialist company, though, means you have access to the same features as even the biggest companies.

Improve Your Image

They say that you should never underestimate the importance of first impressions in life and it’s no different in business. When you’re looking to meet a client or interview a potential employee, renting space from a company like LEO is the best way to leave a positive lasting impression. They offer rooms in high-end London locations like Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge or in the heart of the city. Similar premises were previously limited to only established companies.

Have the Latest in Technology

Have the Latest in Technology

Technology is more important in business than ever before. Without access to a computer and a strong internet connection are daily workflow would be severely restricted. If you need to organise a meeting for your team, choose to rent a room at a professional business centre. Here you know you’ll have access to all the fundamental office services you need as well the option to book extras like projectors or conferencing equipment. They’ll also have on-site I.T. support if you have any problems.

Make Sure the Meeting Goes to Plan

Being able to tailor the room to your needs is one of the primary reasons that ⅔ meeting planners believe off-site meetings to be more productive. Not only are members of your team more comfortable than they would be squeezed into the biggest room at your office, you can also be sure they’re in a professional working environment with no distractions.

Taking Care of the Little Things

thingsDistractions like interrupting calls can be screened by the on-site staff. Supplementary aspects needed for the event, like catering or security, can be provided by the centre if necessary. With the little things taken care of, you can spend your time focusing on creating the best itinerary possible for your meeting.

The best part about off-site meeting rooms is that there’s real world data to back up the extra expense. Try it out and see how it affects you and your employee’s productivity to see if it’s right for you.

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