Screenshot Backup Verification: What Advantages Does It Provide?

You might not have come across screenshot backup verification technology before since it isn’t yet particularly well-known. However, using it can be extremely beneficial for your business.

What Is Screenshot Backup Verification?

Essentially screenshot backup verification technology offers proof that backups have been properly conducted. After each one, the system will automatically boot all virtual machines and then take a screenshot. Whether you take care of your own IT needs, leave it to your business’s IT department, or outsource it to an external IT support provider, you should consider making sure screenshot backup verification takes place.

Peace of Mind

Whenever a backup occurs, an alert will be sent to the user confirming that it has been successful. Should anything ever go wrong, details will be provided to keep you up to date. The frequency of those alerts can be configured to meet your own specific needs, but the point is that you know backups are successfully taking place. You’ll also be able to monitor your backups and resolve any issues before they become major problems. A single failed backup isn’t much of an issue, but things are obviously going to get much worse as backups continue to fail.

Low Cost

There are other backup monitoring tools on the market, and many of them do an excellent job. The problem is that they tend to be quite hard to use and relatively expensive. Screenshot software is not particularly expensive, making it ideal for businesses without a huge IT budget. Eliminating the need for third-party backup monitoring software is always going to make sense on a financial level.

Low Impact

Finally, the screenshot backup verification process doesn’t place much of a load on your internet connectivity.  After all, the data that has been backed up is already transferred. The verification process will have no noticeable impact on performance. In fact, you’ll be entirely unaware that the system is running.


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