SEO Campaign Basics: Top 3 Important Aspects

As you know, the process of reaching SEO success is pretty long and very complicated and requires consistency, various effective techniques and perfect analytical attributes. One particular SEO campaign might not be able to tackle and include all the elements which will affect SERP rankings, but all Internet marketers need to focus on the following important aspects and undoubtedly include them into their campaigns.

  1. Web Content

According to the ICM Consulting reviews web content is the first most important thing to pay attention to. Algorithms of modern search engines change regularly but one factor always remains consistent – and that is good and original web content. The quality of your web-site content draws in the page views and web-site visits, and also can increase its credibility as a source of relevant content.

Here are three main points that you content should correspond to:

Novelty and originality – This is one of the most important things that will definitely have influence on how search engines rank your web pages. Your content needs to be unique, original and new (meaning regularly updated) to get higher in SERPs. As experts explain, search engine spiders “crawl” through the web in search of fresh and original content which is connected to a particular set of keywords. Search engines will place great importance to the pages in SERPS when someone puts exactly these particular keywords into the search.

Relevance – Second must-have for your content is relevance. Any effective Internet marketing campaign must have content that is relevant to the industry niche a business is in. If you have relevant content which is on top of that published on a regular basis you can establish your web-site as a great authority for a particular set of keywords or set, meaning that search engines will rank you higher in SERP results. You may also want to invest in app store seo if your online business runs on an app instead of a website – the better your app store optimisation, the higher you will appear in app store search results, meaning your app is more likely to be seen and downloaded.

Sharability – If you have relevant, good and fresh content you should give it a way to be shared in social media and any other online channels. Such behavior always increases the credibility of your web pages and web-site in general. The more “shares” you get the better social activity search engines will detect for your site. As a result you get authority in your niche.

    1. Backlinks

You remember that link building is not about only generating as many backlinks as you can. Just as with the content in order to become competitive on the market you need to create qualitative backlinks according to ICM Digital Marketing Company in Toronto.

There are a lot of possibilities to generate the right backlinks, but the list below summarizes the most important and relevant web-sites that have been proven to generate great backlinks which all search engines find very relevant. These include:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Quality Blog Comments
  • Content marketing
  • Infographics marketing
  • Video marketing
  1. Social Activities

Today social media is a significant foothold that can affect and actually affects a lot all Internet marketing trends. Today it has already evolved as one of the most important elements in SEO. This is why it is a very useful and significant tool for improving online reputation, generating links, and soliciting participation from online users.

All search engines give most popular social networks great importance in their algorithm. Basing on the information from ecommerce SEO services in Toronto we can claim that quality content that comes from your web pages and then gets shared or discussed on various social media channels will be given much greater authority by search engines. It means that search engines will rank them higher in SERPs for some particular sets of keywords and topics. You should understand that today social media is all about engagement and it is a long ago proven fact that social media are one of the most significant factors that can greatly affect your whole SEO campaign.

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