Seven Reasons to Play Online Games on a PC

The debate between console vs. PC gaming is in full force at the moment. Console gamers believe that since the entire machine is dedicated for gaming purposes, it is superior. While PC gamers argue that PCs have greater computing power than the consoles, which makes them the better choice. For me, PCs are clearly the better option. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. The Screen Resolutions Can’t Compare

Low end PCs now deliver true 1080p and middle level machines offer 1,600 x 1200. Upper end machines almost double these resolution numbers and when playing on them it looks like you can almost step into the game. X-Box and Playstation are just getting to 1080p resolution and many of their games do not even truly deliver this resolution.

  1. You Can Upgrade Your Hardware (again and again)

How often do you buy a game console knowing you will dread the day when this dead-end box gets eclipsed by its new version leaving you unable to get the best features out of the new games optimized only for that new version of the console. When you consider the upgradability of a PC and the prices for doing it, it makes a whole lot of sense using is as your gaming console.

  1. Mouse and Keyboard are Superior to Game Controllers

Although many gamers grew up playing video games on consoles with console controllers, and many have mastered how to use their flimsy sticks and sticky different sized buttons to score points, there simply is no better way to play than with a combination of a mouse and keyboard. The common knowledge that for shooting games for PC have better gameplay, but with the added amount of precision, speed and control and access to more game features supplied by the mouse and keyboard, this set up is better for any game.

  1. PC Games are Cheaper than Console Games

The three console game giants. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, pay high licensing fees for games to be created for their specific consoles. This causes the costs of these games to remain high. If you purchase that same game for a PC, the cost will nearly always be lower. Additionally, the in-game items seem to be cheaper than those on consoles. For example, if you play Diablo 2, you can purchase various powerups and skins from sellers like yesgamers at a relatively low price.

  1. PC Gamers have the Freedom to Use any Online Service

You bought and X-Box and now you are locked into Microsoft’s X-Box Live service. Or you opted for a Playstation and are not praying that Sony’s Playstation Network can keep up with all of your wants and needs. How about a world where there are no restrictions and where the competition for your business is causing dozens of companies to constantly give you more and more benefits. Welcome to the PC gaming world.

  1. PC Gamers have Access to Older Titles

The PC gaming world is brimming with older game titles that are now available for download for free or at nearly no cost. PC gamers also have access to titles that originally appeared on different platforms, which gamers can access through gaming emulator sites. Gameboy, PlayStation, Xbox, and PSP Roms on Gamulator, Shareware, and Abandonware are available to PC gamers who want to enjoy classic game titles, initially exclusively for gaming consoles, or were lost to time or abandoned by their original developer. These classic titles alone are reason enough to invest in a PC gaming system.

  1. Anyone Can Fix Your PC (and repairs cost less too)

There is a PC repair guy on nearly every corner. Try getting you X-Box fixed quickly because you have a tournament tomorrow. Not gonna happen! Also the cost for PC repair is in the basement right now. And that is if you even need to take it to a repair person. Most jobs the average PC gamer can do himself. Who do you know who fixes his own Playstation?

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