How To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Let’s face it, out smartphones are pretty amazing. Just ten years ago, we were carrying around large brick-sized phones with no internet access. Nowadays, we can’t go five minutes without checking Google or refreshing Twitter. Smartphones have changed the entire world around us. But, you can make them even better. That’s right, your smartphone could be even smarter! Check out these add-ons and upgrade your smartphone in an instant.


Despite the changes brought by the internet, selling products in the real world has remained much the same. In order to buy a product, you go to a shop and pay with hard cash or a credit card. There is very little scope for payments on the move. Square have changed that by allowing you to take payments on the go. If you run a pop-up store or a market stall, this little device will allow you to take credit card payments through your phone.


Geode offers a similar service but for buyers, not sellers. The app lets you turn your smartphone into a credit card. It will translate all your card information into a digital code. You can then easily pay for just about anything using the stored information. It’s the first step in turning our smartphones into credit cards.

Control your car

Many brand new cars now come complete with an app. Granted, you will have to buy a new car! But, once you do, the technology is irresistible. You can lock and unlock your vehicle from a distance. You can control the air conditioning and heating before you enter the car too. Some of the smarter apps will even diagnose any electrical problems with the vehicle.

Record phone calls

Recording your phone calls can be very practical for journalists. It allows you to record an interview for transcription or just double check a quote for accuracy. It can also help you keep track of the calls you’ve made. Phone recording is fairly simple and can be achieved with a small add-on.

iPhone projector

The iPhone projector was invented to help businessmen take their presentations mobile. You can travel anywhere and project your business proposal straight onto the wall. Personally, we have a lot more fun projecting films and video games onto our walls! There are all sorts of great applications for this, and all it takes is a special attachment.

Baby monitor

If you’re raising a family, the safety of your children is always at the front of your mind. You can now hook up a camera and microphone in the room of your smallest children. They’ll send a feed directly to your smartphone so you can monitor them. It can be used while you’re sat in the next room to check they’re sleeping soundly. It can also be used by a traveling parent who just misses their little one!

Smartphones are incredible, and we couldn’t possibly live without ours. But, they can always be smarter! Until the next generation of fancy gadgets are released, use these add-ons to make yours even cooler!




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