Why SMBs Should Move to Cloud-Based Services

Cloud computing has become hugely popular with businesses all across the UK; if you haven’t yet made the move, it’s something you need to do. Essentially, cloud computing moves from physical hardware, such as servers, to internet-based software and applications.

So, why is it that SMBs love cloud-based services?

Automatic Back-Ups

For many businesses, data is vitally important. Back-ups need to be created regularly to help prevent a total loss of data if security is ever compromised or hardware breaks. Luckily enough, all your files can be stored on the cloud, and back-ups will be created automatically. To gain more in-depth knowledge on how this happens, and how it can help your business, you should consider getting in touch with an it consulting company Edmonton (or one closer to you) so they can provide the right suggestions and a comprehensive plan for the migration.

Easier Scalability

If you’re not using the cloud, you’ll probably need to use plenty of physical devices to store your data and operate your systems. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to scale up operations when your business brings on new clients. With cloud computing, that won’t be an issue – there’s unlimited space in the cloud, and you can increase your allotment with a few clicks.

Enhanced Security

Automatic back-ups will ensure that you’re protected in the event of a security problem, but cloud computing will also perform security upgrades automatically to ensure that you’re always receiving cutting-edge protection. You can even have an IT professional monitor your system remotely for complete peace of mind.

Reduced Costs

Migrating to the cloud might with the help of a service like splunk cloud migration sound like a costly venture, but you should end up saving a significant amount of money in the long run. Software is a lot less expensive than hardware since it doesn’t involve any physical devices. When you rely on physical servers, you need to take responsibility for their maintenance, storage, and ultimately their replacement, and those costs can really add up.

Enhanced Flexibility

Migrating to the cloud grants you the ability to work from anywhere in the world. You could have one team member working on a document in Singapore as you check through it in the centre of London; since everything is held on the web, changes can be made instantly without the need for emails or physical transfers. Of course, you might not want to take things quite that far, but it’s supremely convenient to be able to work from outside the office.

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