The Best Solution for your Business: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

We live in a completely digital world, where the way of the internet is actually the way of getting noticed across the world or at least in your industry. Most of the companies that we come across have a strong online presence and are known to grow in their respective industries owing to best marketing practices.

As more and more digital marketing channels appear every day, it can be easy to overlook more conventional methods, such as print media or TV advertising. Contrary to popular belief, traditional broadcast television continues to grow as the most preferred medium of entertainment. With television channels being available in every household, companies can increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by utilizing software solutions provided by Samba TV or like companies. In fact, advertising on broadcast TV is an excellent choice for big brand awareness campaigns that target large audiences across the country. But it goes without saying that the reach of the internet is so far and wide as compared to traditional mediums and that it has resulted in a great digital revolution, transforming the lives of many brands. This is probably the reason why many business organizations tend to look for a digital marketing internship opportunity or hire experts who are proficient in the particular field.

One of the most interesting concepts of today’s digital age is Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing. It has the ability to reach millions of consumers at once, creating a bigger and better digital audience for your brand.

So, what exactly is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing / advertising is a way of generating clicks for your website using search engine advertising than actually earning the clicks organically. This is simple terms means while searching for anything on Google or Bing or Yahoo, you come across various options that are highlighted on the first page itself. To get the visibility higher, the little “yellow ads” that you see on top of the page are Google Adwords PPC wherein, every time a user clicks on the label, they will be directed to the said website and the company pays the search engine a certain fee for this. Businesses that want to ensure that their ads get first-page visibility can approach digital marketing agencies like NetSearch. For instance, if you own a plumbing company in Richmond and want to increase your digital presence to attract local customers, you can approach a Richmond PPC agency that can optimize your website to get leads that converse.

Is PPC good for everybody?

Yes, PPC is good for everybody. A well-known PPC marketing agency will know how to smoothly design a PPC campaign to attract more visitors to your website. They are known to elevate the visibility of the website, in turn making it a win-win situation for you. For example- If you pay 5$ per click and click results in a 200$ sale, then using PPC works to your advantage.

Before we proceed further, let us give you a little insight into the world of Google Adwords-

Google is one of the most popular and effective search engines today, across the world. Innumerable people prefer searching for every small need on Google than any other search engine. Google has millions of Adwords that are popularly used by the companies online, globally that can be bought at a certain price.

Every time a user searches for a specific thing online, Google digs into its pool of willing advertisers and chooses a specific group of advertisers that can appear on its search result page. The ones to be showcased right on top are chosen from an endless list of bidders based on their relevance and quality of keywords and ad texts. The size of the keyword also matters a lot while carrying out the search and filter. Nowadays a lot of companies are opting for a mix of long and short keyword searches that can give them an accurate result.

For example– If you type the word Internet Design Services, then the first ad that appears on Google search engine is

If you type the word Digital Marketing Agency India then you will get –

The relevance of keywords and your ads appearing on the search result page depends on the advertisers Ad Rank, which is calculated by two important factors- The PPC or CPC bid (how much amount is the advertiser willing to spend on the keywords) and Quality Mark (derived through the click through rate, quality of the landing page, relevance of the keyword amongst others)

You cannot deny that PPC is the most effective way to market yourself in front of millions of people; however, it is best to make sure that your ad will make an impact on the audience, for it to get noticed.

How does Pay-Per-Click marketing work?

We have already established that PPC model is effective for everyone, right from searchers, search engines and advertisers; it is a win-win situation for all. The better your ads, the better your actual click through rates. You are evaluated in a wholesome manner, without any compromises on the best ads. You need to make sure that your keyword list is extremely effective for the model to work in the best way possible.

It is great to ensure-

  • Weightage: Everyone wants to get relevant traffic diverted on their website. You want to look for targeted keywords that will lead to high click through rate, escalated profits but low cost per click. This only implies that the keywords that you choose to bid on should have a high offering rate to what you sell.
  • Comprehensive: Long tail keywords have gained a lot of momentum in the Adwords space because of it being less competitive with low cost. The keywords that you choose need to be comprehensive in nature. Long tailed keywords are less common and more specific, but they add up to majority of the search driven traffic. Be careful while deciding your keyword list.
  • Extensive: Keep your keyword list evolving from time to time, to be able to constantly expand your campaigns. This will happen only when your keyword list is continuously adapting to the changing online environment.
  • Adverse keywords: Your PPC approach should include negative keyword discovery that means that your ads should not show up on any negative keywords being typed, which will not yield any results or divert any useful traffic to your website.

How to manage your PPC Campaigns effectively?

Creating an effective PPC campaign is the first step to a much broader spectrum of work that is involved; you need to manage it as well. You need to be extremely calculative while choosing your keywords as well as learn to spend some amount of quality time every week to analyze the ranking of your keywords and whether you need to make any necessary adjustments to it.

Increase PPC Keywords: Increase the reach of your pay-per-click (PPC) efforts by adding keywords that are important or significant to your business.

Add Negative Keywords: Add unchanging terms as negative keywords to improve campaign relevancy and reduce wastage

Split Ad Groups: Amplify your click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score by fragmenting your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ad groups that will help you create a more targeted ad text and landing page

Analyze Expensive PPC Keywords: Review costly, low performing keywords and remove them completely, if necessary.

Improve Home / Landing Pages: Alter the content and call-buttons of your landing pages to support specific search queries in order to boost conversion rates. Send your traffic to different pages in order to boost your sales.

There is no doubt that properly managed PPC campaigns will boost your sales and company image by placing you on the of top search results page, resulting in increased customer base and sales.

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