Sounding the Part, Avoiding Annoying Workplace Jargon

There are certain industries in which sounding like you know exactly what you’re talking about is ironically a clear indication that you don’t in fact know what you’re talking about. The best example of such an industry is the world of programming, particularly with regards to programming done as part of a start-up. Venture capitalists who listen to many pitches from start-up entrepreneurs seeking funding are especially aware of this view and swear by it. The only part of the pitch during which you must sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about is when you’re discussing the idea itself – what problem you have identified to solve and how your proposed solution is going to solve that problem. You’re effectively right in the middle of the “search-phase,” so you’re not expected to be too clued up about exactly how you’re going to build the solution.

This is the mistake most entrepreneurs make when they’re pitching for investments, while trying to sound the part – they tend to use those annoying workplace phrases which ultimately have the opposite effect of what they’re trying to achieve. Check out these phrases via an infographic provided by GoToMeeting.

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50 Annoying Phrases You Hear at Work_UK (3)

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