How To Spend Your Time (And Money!) Wisely In A Casino

Yes, you can go to casino without losing the shirt off your back. And unless you’re in the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people, planning ahead can save you a lot of money and heartache. Here are some tips to spend both your time and money without regretting it afterwards.

Bring A Watch

Casinos are the modern day equivalent of the Island of Lotus Eaters. Hours might race you by without you realizing it. Time is very fluid in a casino. And this is no accident. Casino owners deliberately design their buildings to have little to no clocks or natural light. Keep a timepiece strapped to your wrist for easy reference. This will keep you from wasting the better part of your free time making the house rich.

Act The Observer

There are more opportunities for people watching in casinos than anywhere else. It might be due to the fact that it attracts various types of gamblers from all walks of life. You might be seeing a memorable event or your next Friday night story.

Go For Cheap (Or Free)

Take advantage of lowered rates and freebies. Casinos pull in a lot of customers by offering crazy cheap buffets and, in some cases, free alcohol. While some casinos might ask for you to sign up for a membership first, the majority of casinos keep the buffet option as a free-for-all. Just make sure to loosen your belt after the feast.

Rub Elbows With The Elite

Looking for the most thrilling gambles in the entire casino? Ferret out where the big boys throw down their cash. Though some casinos hide the big rollers’ section behind guarded doors, scoring a seat to watch a high-roller casino game will let you witness the true drama of gambling.

Drink But Don’t Bet

Alcohol flows as readily as coin in a casino. Waiters usually roam around with free glasses of alcohol. Take care to drink in moderation if you plan to play, though. Too much alcohol consumption impairs judgment and can lead you to losing more than what you originally planned to.

Set A Losing Limit

Keep your credit cards, checkbooks, and life savings at home. Set a budget for your evening out in a casino beforehand. This will let you pace your gambling in relation to how much time you plan to spend in the casino. And once your funds run out, beat feet out of the building. A second visit to the ATM just means more money for the house to win.

Set A Winning Limit

Shockingly, the inverse is as true as the above tip. You can turn into a loser just as fast as you can win big. The majority of gamblers would fall into the former category. Make sure that you know when to call it quits. Small wins in succession can still end in a major loss. Knowing when to quit while you’re ahead is as important as knowing when you’ve lost enough for the night.

If you follow the majority of our guide, you can enjoy a relatively guilt-free evening at any casino you would visit in the future. Or you can click here for bingo games sans the blinding lights and glaring noises of your average casino.

Trust us, it’s a lot easier.

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