How to go about starting a business from a van

Van Monster has a suggestion if you’ve found your current career path has hit a roadblock and you’ve found yourself in a rut with your typical 9-5 job — start a business from your very own van!

The Ford Fiesta vans stockist has created the following infographic which will help you reinvigorate your working life. In the visual, you’ll learn about five careers which can be pursued from a van — including details about the average working hours, the necessary entry and skills requirements, the typical day-to-day duties and the number of jobs currently available for each role.  

You’re sure to find a job you’ll love. For example, why not benefit from some of the £7.16 billion Brits spend on their animals on an annual basis by becoming a mobile dog groomer? Or, how about giving a helping hand to Brits who on average redecorate their homes 36 times during their lifetimes by seeking out a career as a decorator?

Put a spark back into your career prospects by taking a look through the entire infographic below now…

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