Tips And Tricks All New Mac Owners Should Know

Mac owners will tell you that they are a loyal crew.  Most people who work with Apple products, stay with Apple products their whole life.  Contrary to the simplicity offered by Windows machines, Apple still continues to remain relevant in popular culture.  

Whether you’re losing your Apple virginity, or you’re simply purchasing a more updated machine, there are always new tips and tricks to learn about your product.  Read through a brief look into some specifics, and take the chance of having an “ah-ha” moment.

How to free up some memory

You know you’re going to run into a time when there’s simply not enough free RAM to keep all of your stuff running smoothly at once.  All devices need a simple cleanup from time to time to keep them running at an optimal speed.

Deleting the majority of your desktop icons is a great strategy for getting a grasp on the reduction of your memory usage.  There are other ways to make it simple to access your favorite programs.  

The simplest way to free up memory on your Mac device is to clean up your desktop.  A dirty desk means that your work moves along slower. The same concept applies to your Mac desktop.  Every icon you have on the desktop is treated as a small active window.

What to do when there’s no Ctrl-Alt-Delete

If you’re switching from a Windows OS, you may find yourself stumped at a crucial moment.  When your machine freezes, sometimes it needs a reboot. Sometimes you just need to close one program to get things moving again.

The problem is that there is no Ctrl-Alt-Delete function on a Mac device.  The simple solution is to press Command-Option-Escape.  It’s the combination which allows the user to do a hard shutdown of individual programs or the whole system.  

Capturing a screenshot on your Mac

It’s cleaner and easier to capture a screenshot on a Mac device.  The simple description of the process is to press Command-Shift-3.  This command captures a picture of the whole screen. When you press Command-Shift-4, the device will give you the ability to craft a screenshot of only a portion of what you’re seeing.  

Customizing your startup programs/features

It’s always good to know how to customize the startup features on your computer.  Running a MacOS is a lot different from Windows, and it could be difficult to figure this one out on your own.  

The easiest way to choose the programs that startup when you turn your computer on is to go to Systems>Preferences>Users & Groups>Login Items.  Then, you can check and uncheck the programs you need to startup when you turn on your device.

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