Technology benefits all of us in most facets of our daily life.  From the time we wake up in the mornings we check our smart phones, e-mails, and social media throughout the day.  With new technology constantly being introduced to us, the question always comes up if the gadget is really worth the investment.  


Will our “geekness” be satisfied with this newest tech trend and will it be worth investing in?  Or will this latest tech gadget be outdated before we even make it to the store to buy it? Here are a few tech gadgets that do not look like they are going anywhere  anytime soon and every geek should look at investing in.


We all have our phones attached to us 24/7, but how clean are these devices?  If you think about it, you may realize that your phone is one dirty piece of hardware and in need of a deep cleaning.  Time to check out a phone cleaner such as the PhoneSoap Charger.

This device not only sanitizes your phone but also charges it all at once.  These devices are useful not just for geeks, but the Average Joes as well.


Fitness trackers are by no means new but if you are already fit or a geek who just wants to get into shape, you should invest in a fitness tracker.  These gadgets can track your calories, heart rate, sleep, and steps.  From Fitbits to Misfits, these trackers are affordable, easy to wear and surprisingly accurate in tracking overall activity and fitness.   Robin Raskin, founder of Living in Digital Times, notes that fitness wearables are helping people take their overall fitness seriously.  These devices are fairly inexpensive, convenient to wear and are constantly improving on tracking your workouts and overall health.


3D printers may not be classified as a gadget but they are such a stellar piece of equipment that every geek should look into investing in one.  If you are a business owner, a 3D printer may be worth the money.  With a 3D printer, you can actually print several items with working parts.  Businesses that need to do rapid design or prototyping can design an object and 3D print it immediately.  

Geeks who want a 3D printer for recreational purposes and for their home office can make the case to invest in one for the following reason:  the idea of having a small printer at home that can create things we need is appealing (i.e., soap dishes, phone cases, and fishing lures).  Websites such as have hundreds of examples of items created by 3D printers.  Price can be a factor for some but once you acquire the funds, it is one very cool piece of equipment that every geek should invest in.

All of these geek gizmos are great technology convenient to own.  From a phone cleaner/charger on your desk, a fitness tracker on your wrist and access to a 3D printer in your home, all of these gadgets are worth the investment.  

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