Why having tech-savvy employees can help your business grow

Technology plays a massive role in business now, and that influence is set to increase. IT is increasingly used to promote companies and sell services and products. It is hard to imagine a business world without technology. This is why, if you want your business to continue to grow, it must have tech-savvy employees.

Technology covers a wide range of disciplines, so before hiring employees with the necessary expertise, you need to know the ones you actually want. There are several areas to be considered before selecting those tech-savvy employees. Of course, this will depend on the type of enterprise you are running but there are several areas of expertise to consider.

Cloud computing has come to the fore and covers a wide range of areas such as storage, accessibility, collaboration, security, networking and database management, which can all benefit any business. If all this is to run smoothly in your office, you will need someone with a knowledge and command of cloud computing.

A network analyzer is all but essential for ensuring that a company’s IT systems work seamlessly, due to the huge amount of data flowing in and out of the network. This traffic needs to be monitored, so it’s important to have someone with the skills and knowledge to be able to handle this.

Finally, and this is a must, consider your business’ cyber security. Major companies and banks have been hit by hackers recently, and this is one of the reasons techies who specialize in IT security are much in demand. If you use technology in your company – and the chances are that you do – then you must take cyber security seriously and have someone on the team with the expertise to handle it. When it comes to dealing with security, you want to ensure you hire reliable employees that have a good history of employment. Therefore, many companies opt for background screening checks like Checkr, which you can begin online using this link https://checkr.com/platform/screenings/criminal-records-check, to get important information like their criminal record and verification of employment.

Of course, bringing in tech-savvy staff is expensive. But if you want your business to flourish, it is a cost that must be met. Imagine hiring somebody adept at tscm (Technical Security Counter Measures). That person can help in bug sweeping, meaning that he/she can offer a systematic physical and technical inspection of an area to detect illicit eavesdropping devices. Wouldn’t this be profitable for your business? Of course, it would be! It can help protect your data and information.

However, in order to hire somebody, business people have to be realistic when it comes to cost. If a company cannot afford a full-time tech team, there is another option – using contractors. IT contractors are freelancers who can be brought in as and when needed. Their daily rates tend to be higher than full-time staff, but they only need to be paid when needed and do not enjoy the usual in-house benefits.

If you decide to use a tech contractor you will need to know the tax implications. In particular, you will need help with IR35 to understand how the regulations might affect your company.

It is imperative that companies have tech-savvy staff. Whether they are existing staff brought up to the necessary level of expertise, new hiring’s or contractors, it is vital that you have someone with IT knowledge in the office.

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