The Technological Revolution: Jobs That Machines Have Taken Over

Once upon a time, no one could have imagined a job that would be performed remotely without the need of a man or a woman. Now, there are plenty of jobs that are being sized up to be replaced by yet another batch of machines. I don’t mean to get all Terminator because I am not saying that Skynet is going to take over the world and eradicate all of humanity. However, it is hard not to look back and wonder how some generation used to get along without the aid of technology. Staying with that theme, here are a few jobs that used to be carried out by hand.




In America and Europe especially, the industrial revolution played a massive part in making the life of farmers a lot easier. Because we survive of wheat and crops, machines like tractors that we take for granted, came along and completed the job in half the time. Before that, farmers and their families used to go out and work in the field by hand or with an ox and cart. Today, no self-respecting farmer would get caught working dawn until dusk with their hands.

Factory Work

To be honest, factory work and factory employees have benefited from the rise of technology. Yes, technology has taken over some people’s jobs, but it has also made work a lot safer. Go as far back as the fifties and sixties, not too long ago, and people were dying or sustaining terrible injuries at work. Now, the technology means that machines can do the dirty work, so humans do not have to.

Plus, it also allows business to run smoother. For example, businesses that use scientific injection molding and other scientific tools can get through far more work than by hand. All they need to do is set the machine to the settings they need and wait for them to pop out the final product.



Bank Teller

Banks used to be the lifeblood of the community. Now, they are shutting down across the country because they are not as popular. Most people don’t even use a bank as they can draw money out from the cash machine or ATM. The only reason to bother interacting with the bank clerk is to cash a check or something as rare. Everything else you can do remotely at the click of a button.


In some quarters, receptionists are still the face of the company. However, the conventional company as we know it is also beginning to evolve into something new. As a result, more and more people are using automated messaging services as opposed to receptionists. There are two main reasons for the change. Firstly, businesses don’t have premises because they are run online so don’t need a receptionist. And secondly, it is far cheaper.

In some cases, it is not a bad thing that people have been replaced by technology. For one thing, banking is far quicker and easier. But, there is a sense that we are losing touch with humanity because we would rather deal with machines than people. One thing’s for sure: the revolution is set to continue.


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