The Trouble with Internet Privacy – Featuring Kevin Spacey!

Internet Privacy

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about Internet Privacy recently and came across the old article on the BBC:

I know this is mainly down to the big record labels pushing this, but do they really think people wont just find another way around it?

I have worked within the music industry and the sheer arrogance of the people ripping consumers off and not wanting to change with the times has been their downfall. Instead of looking to the future and how to work with the internet, they have managed to show that they are as stuck in the past as always.

There is though a profound difference between me writing a program, which I can them make thousands of copies of for pretty much nothing (apart from a blank CD) and someone stealing a copy of that. and a thief coming into my home and stealing my new 42″ Plasma.

Oh and I don’t know if this is a good time to speak about it, but I’ve got nothing but good stuff to say about online bingo – they have the best privacy policy of just about anyone I’ve come across. ┬áReally great stuff.

Yes, both stealing (as we currently define stealing.) Yes both wrong, but not the same.

There is always the false assumption that a taken copy is a lost sale, which is not the truth anyway.

I think there’s a difference between something that the music companies should be investing in privately and something that public funds should be going to. Especially at this time.

The fact that this bill came about via Mandleson makes it stink even more.

How long have people asked the government to make it illegal to sell a concert/event ticket for above face value? The music companies don’t care about that because tickets are being sold.. sold to touts and what not… OH and it would be hard to police. AS IF!


Why is there a picture of Kevin Spacey here?  Read on!

Why is there a picture of Kevin Spacey here? Read on!


Yet now we’re faced with this bill which if taken seriously, no doubt the gov will spend hundreds of thousands to keep the private sector happy.

Yeah I dabble in downloading but eventually I get the full product on bluray/cd/whatever… My friends call me insane with the amount I spend on the actual physical products etc…

My screen is only a 40″ so its not exactly the same as a cinema, but I’m still happier watching stuff at home. I also have a 32″ in my room and TBH thats where I watch most stuff anyway, through the TVs speakers. Still better than a cinema though, which is a mindset the movie companies need to address. A lot of people will pay for their entertainment, but they want to do it how they want.

Cinemas will die off like the video rental shops in years to come I expect, some will always exist but I expect numbers to fall. I’ve only been twice in 2 years, and the only films I’ve really wanted to see this decade were the LOTR triliogy. Unfortunately when I saw ROTK the picture was out of focus, the sound seemed unbalanced and it was full of chavs!

Anyway, I’ll let Kevin Spacey have the final word:

“the lesson that the music industry didn’t learn”. “Give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and they’ll more likely pay for it rather than steal it.”


Well Kevin, I couldn’t agree more!

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