How You Can Theft Proof the Important Data on Your Laptop


In the near future, you could become a victim of Laptop theft. Something you might work hard to prevent, one of the most devastating things about losing your laptop, is losing the data that was on it. Thankfully, there are a couple of steps that you can take, to protect the important data on your laptop, even if someone does decide to steal your laptop from you.

Backup Data to the Cloud

The ‘cloud’ refers to the internet, and is a term used by people who store their data in remote locations. There are several companies in existence today, that offer cloud storage solutions, allowing for you to backup your data to an independent location that you can access anywhere in the world. Cloud storage is an attractive offer, because even if you’re the victim of a stolen laptop, you will be able to access your data, and make use of it, anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

When picking a cloud storage solution, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a few things. If you have a lot of data, for instance, you’ll need to find a solution that provides you with a lot of space. You might also want to look at a solution that automatically syncs data on your hard disk, to the cloud storage location.

Buy Software Suites Online

Whenever you decide to buy your next piece of software, you might choose to buy it online, as opposed to the more traditional methods. Buying your software this way, will allow for you easily to recover, even if someone stole your laptop and the CD’s to go with it. You’ll find that companies such as Software King, are able to provide you with software download solutions, which make downloading software easier than you could have ever imagined.

Invest in Encryption & Remote Deletion

If the data on a laptop is highly sensitive, you might benefit from encrypting the data. If you want to encrypt any data, you can do so with some specialist software that does not cost that much, and is easy to use. In addition to this, you might also be interested in installing something, that allows for you to delete your data remotely, as soon as you realise your laptop has gone missing. Remote deletion software will often kick into action, as soon as the laptop has gone online, making it easy for you to erase anything you don’t want seen by others.

Ready for Anything?

By choosing to take action on some of the suggestions mentioned, you’ll find that you’re ready for a laptop theft, should it ever happen. Acting on the cloud storage solutions on offer should allow for you to access your data wherever you are. Data encryption should also protect any data you didn’t manage to save, or recover using cloud storage. Once you’ve reviewed all of the measures you can take action on, you might just feel as though you’re ready for anything!

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