My Tips on Recovering Photos and Files on a Samsung Galaxy

Last Christmas I received a Samsung Galaxy unit as a present from my husband. It was a dream come true to me since I really long to have this phone but can’t afford to buy one because of our tight budget. Hence, life has never been better since I owned this phone. In fact, I find it very useful and handy when taking pictures of our family during candid moments. And because its pixels are clear enough, your videos and pictures will always turn out to be very nice.

During the holidays things to a turn for the worst

I usually find time to store the pictures of my phone on my laptop. But because of the busy schedule that I had during the holidays, I end up carrying a month of pictures on my phone. I can never forget that day when I accidentally deleted these pictures. These are clips of our entire family’s holiday vacation and the very memorable Christmas eve celebration.

I couldn’t afford to lose them all. It seems that time has suddenly stopped for me and I panicked because of what happened. Fortunately, I was with a friend who was a cell phone geek that time and  had worked previously with a data recovery company in Frome. He told me that it is very easy to recover the pictures on my phone. I was delighted to learn that and even treated him for a dinner for giving me the favor of recovering the pictures by himself. He said that these files are not totally removed since they are stored on the phone’s memory. Unless they are overwritten, they will stay there even after you have flagged the deleted file’s storage. All you need to do is to download samsung galaxy recovery software that will pick up back the pictures for you.

Data recovery software

There are many photo recovery software that you can try these days. One of this is the “Wondershare Photo Recovery”. This software assures security of your file and work on producing high quality images that are devoid of any damages. It has the ability to perform thorough scanning of your phone, has automatic classification and subfolder specification. You can have back your photos with just 3 simple steps when using this software. All you need to do is to select, scan and recover your file using this recovery tool.

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