Top 10 Benefits of an Electric Linear Actuator

Electric linear actuators use various technologies that are applied by the engineers for effective functioning. The differentiated quality of the electrical actuator making it better compared to the others with fewer unique qualities. 12 volt linear actuator is able to transform energy from one source to another at a reduced voltage. The benefits of an Electric Linear Actuator include the following.

1. Easier design

This is where it is designed in a way that is appropriate for the user due to its simple nature with improved combination. Compared to others which are complicated an Electric Linear Actuator is better and easier to operate as it applies advanced technology in engineering.


2. Simply integrated with additional systems

The programmable controller solution is necessary to manage the machinery to provide solutions for the operation which can be integrated in the system. Microprocessors which are necessary in operation can be incorporated in the system for an improved response of an Electric Linear Actuator operation.

3. More accurate than hydraulic and pneumatic

An Electric Linear Actuator provides better control for the motion as the different stages are properly managed by the system. The increased levels of control improve performance where the operation cost of the system is reduced for increased performance.

4. Lower cost

The cost of operation is reduced when operating an electric linear actuator as the initial cost of acquiring is lower compared to hydraulic and actuators which perform the same task. They can also load information even in the case where there is no power, making it possible for a continuous flow of the compressor.

5. Environmentally friendly

This is because an electric linear actuator is able to operate without poising fluid which contaminates the environment. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems may leak making the environment contaminated with poisonous products. The workers operating an electric linear actuator are safe from the dangers of contamination.

6. Smaller footprint

The components of an electric linear actuator are smaller compared to those of hydraulic or pneumatic leading to smaller footprints with similar capability. The small size of an electric linear actuator provides the flexibility of the system as the design is properly formulated to perform effectively.

7. Easy to assemble


This is necessary to reduce the cost incurred in labor due to simply resembling of an electric linear actuator makes it reliable in performance. The quality of improved where wires and cables used are properly connected to simplify the function compared to the pneumatic or hydraulic devices.

8. Quieter

An electric linear actuator does not make noises when operating compared to pneumatic which produces a noise during motion. The motion of an electric linear actuator is properly controlled to provide an operation that is quiet and not disturbing to the user, making it better to apply the system in places such as hospitals.

9. Clean

This is mainly because an electric linear actuator uses safe and clean electricity for effective functioning without contamination. Pneumatic removes fluids when there is a failure in compressed air, which is dangerous for the workers operating the system.

10. Improved synchronization options and flexibility

The parameters in an electric linear actuator are flexible and synchronized for smooth operation of the system. When comparing an electric linear actuator to pneumatic or hydraulic actuators the system applies the latest technology for effective functioning of the tasks. In assembling an electric linear actuator enable workers to control the system.

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