Top 3 Tech Trends in 2015

The tech and gadget industry is moving at a million miles an hour in this day and age, and there truly is a technological aspect to every part of our lives, should we choose to take advantage. However, some areas have over taken others in the popularity stakes in 2015 so below we explore the top 3.

E Cigarettes


Despite all the controversy surrounding the health aspect of e-cigarettes, there is no denying the market penetration that E-Cigarettes have achieved this year. The first models of E-Cigs were met with curiosity and scepticism, but the advancements in the technological developments of the devices have seen them grow exponentially in popularity, so much so that the E-Cigarette market is already worth around 6 billion, an increase of 75%, while the sale of traditional smoking products fell by 3%; the vaping industry worth is set to rocket to more than 15 billion within the next 4 years. And, vapers now have the option of selecting from a wide variety of e-liquids from an online vape shop, so they can customize their vaping experience. Various flavors and nicotine levels are available, making these e-liquids suitable for a wide range of users.

However, before making a purchase from any particular online dispensary, it is recommended to go through their customer reviews. This can provide insight into the quality of the product, shipping time, and customer services offered by the shop. Learning about this beforehand could help you choose the best dispensary near you. Say that you have come across canada cannabis dispensary and similar web-based shops while searching for cartridges on the Internet. You may be a bit unsure about them at first because you may not be in the know about their reputation. But once you go through the customer feedback, you would learn about them in detail, after which you can make an informed decision.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, the latest reports by health experts conclude that using E-Cigarettes is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes may work to increase the market value even further. E-Cigarettes have not gone without attention from critics and the businesses in the industry have faced restrictions on tanks capacity, nicotine strength in the E-Liquid and limitations on the variations between devices; however, the vaping community is loyal to their cause and there has been much uproar that will see this notion undoubtedly re-addressed.


The functions of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch is displayed at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) electronics trade fair in Berlin on September 4, 2013.  The South Korean electronics giant believes its Galaxy Gear watch will

The internet of things is officially here! Our tech objects are now going to start to work together, wearables will not only streamline our lives, but they will be the holy grail of information for big brands, start-ups and marketers alike!

Although Apple are keeping their cards close to their innovative chests, it is estimated that around 3 million of their watches were sold since its launch in April, wearable tech is becoming more available and acceptable to the masses. With the wearable computer Google glass now being resurrected and ‘corporate wellness’ culture extending into our workplaces in the form of fitness wearables like FitBits.

Creating more data, with specific insights on user preferences, businesses can make targeted recommendations, enter the realms of programmatic technology to deliver relevant advertisements to their audience and focus on improving customer service to meet consumer needs.

Gigabit Connectivity


Not a necessarily a new concept, but gigabit connectivity has taken the UK by storm in 2015; with infrastructure work completed earlier this year, Peterborough was the first official gigabit city– thanks to a forward thinking council and an investment of around 30 million.

Coventry, York and Aberdeen have all followed suit, giving local businesses a chance to revolutionise the way they do business with the rest of the world with access to a future proof, high speed and uncontended service that serves as a platform to further technologies such as VoIP Telephony and cloud computing software.

Britain has been behind the times when it comes to digital infrastructure; Fibre to the Premises is already available to domestic users in countries such as Belgium, France and Russia, the UKs download speed is actually ranked 16th in Europe.

But with the Government’s commitment to increase our infrastructure to one that is both nationwide and superfast – gigabit connectivity is only set to grow further.

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