Top Apps for Sports Fans

Technology has done wonderful things for sport. As computers have gotten smarter and more accessible, so has sports technology progressed to the modern day of Hawk-Eye in tennis tournaments and GPS in rugby. The improvements don’t stop at the field, though: advancements in smartphone technology mean that even sports fans benefit, from streaming sports real-time wherever they are in the world to settling pub debates regarding the offside rule. But which smartphone apps should your discerning sports enthusiast part their thumbs with? Here we’ll run through the best sports apps on offer at the moment, so you can keep abreast of anything and everything sport at the calculated press of a finger.

Sky Sports

This app from Sky Sports condenses all the goodness of the sports channel conglomerate into one easy-to-use portal, from which you can access in-depth coverage of everything from boxing to F1 and more. Exclusive video content from Sky including analysis and interviews is up for grabs, as well as, if you’re already in possession of a Sky Sports or Virgin Media subscription, direct access to all Sky Sports channels on the go. This means that you can be right at the forefront of the F1 and football action, as it happens, from your phone, wherever you are.


Official Rugby Football Union App

This official app courtesy of the RFU is a perfect companion piece for any rugby fan; with text commentary from game description to substitutions, detailed fixture information and all-important score updates, this app is sure to keep you on the cutting edge – certainly a useful tool for betting with Coral on the upcoming World Cup! The app is also extremely light on memory and battery life, which can only be a good thing when it comes to hairy moments of low battery on the go…

Tour de France 2015

The official app for cycling’s biggest event is a figurative goldmine for golfing enthusiasts looking for a one-stop shop for everything Tour de France. With exhaustive information on all the stages of the Tour, teams, and riders in the race, as well as live-streaming video footage and GPS tracking throughout the tournament, you can keep well and truly abreast of what’s current with the race. If that’s not enough, also available is some exclusive behind-the-scenes content, so you can really get under the skin of this year’s biggest biking event.


Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports

Last but not least, this sports rules app is the ultimate in quelling disorderly arguments over the fineries of almost any sport. Classic rules to the usual suspects are available, as well as over 70 different and increasingly obscure sports including archery, athletics and even BMX. Each category includes fun facts illustrations and trivia, laid out in an aesthetically simple and pleasing manner. You can also share any portion of the app via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail, making online discussions at melting point far easier to diffuse with some well-placed Curly’s wisdom.

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