The Top Five Casino Games To Try

So you’ve chosen to stay at home instead of going out, but would still like to take a gander at gambling. Good news! There are a ton of free online sites that are available to scratch that gambling itch. No need to go through the hassle of getting dressed and going out. You can enjoy the full casino experience online in just your favourite pair of pyjamas and comfy bunny flip-flops. The wide range of choices might overwhelm you, so try to get started with these five online casino favourites.


So simple an actual child can play it. The general rule of slots is for you to bet a variable amount of money and press a button. Simple. Quick. Painless. The screen, which will have three to five virtual wheels, will provide a randomized result. Based on the pattern on the symbols of these wheels and the amount of your bet, you will be paid the corresponding amount of money. There is no skill involved in this game, and players who are looking for a test of luck will find it a perfect match. You dictate the pace of each game with the amount of your bet. Newer versions of slot games come in themes ranging from pop culture figures to fictional genres.


Again, a game of luck over strategy. It is only a bit more complicated than playing on a slot machine due to the avenues of betting. Aside from placing a bet on a particular number, you can also do side bets on even/odd, red/black, and other factors. Once all bets are placed, the ball will be spun in an opposite direction of the revolving wheel. Players win depending on what they have bet on and what number the ball falls into.


The truest and most consummate form of a casino game. No casino, online or real, would be worth their salt without a poker game handy. At its core, poker is a card game that boils down to getting the best card combination in a five-card hand. Players are provided two cards that only they can see. Five cards are then laid out in succession for all competitors to view, with rounds of betting peppered between each reveal. The player who can present the best five-card combination or who remains in play wins. As simple as the hierarchy of card combinations is, the challenge lies in the fact that you are basically competing with everybody else. Your fellow players (or the virtual ‘house’ AI, if you are going it alone) will attempt to bluff their way to a win. There are a lot of versions of poker. It is best to review the house rules and be familiar with the variant of poker before attempting to play at a high-stakes game.


Not just a game for retired octogenarians, you can actually make money off of playing bingo. The rules are easy to master. You will attempt to match numbers called out randomly on your scratch card. The first person to establish a straight line in the 5 x 5 matrix wins. You can play free bingo at

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