Top Technology Trends

2017 has been a good year for tech so far, and it looks like it’s going to get even better! Let’s take a look at the top 10 trends that have made waves:

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain has been making headlines, especially in connection with Bitcoin, and more recently, how investors can use something like this TRON Wallet to help store these vital funds. Blockchains facilitate secure digital transactions online and can be used as a leger that is decentralised to ensure that all records are accurate. Blockchain has made great strides this year and is one of the most rapidly growing trends in the online space. It can be used with multiple currencies and it can track and record every movement across the web, in a secure and impenetrable manner.


AI has made great leaps forward and advanced machine learning is allowing for enhanced techniques and technologies to come to the fore. Machines with AI are becoming more intelligent and are now able to perform a greater number of functions, more intuitively. AI is being used in many different industries and even airports are relying on this type of tech to streamline their services and functions.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps like VPA’s are able to perform the same tasks as a human assistance and this is streamlining our everyday lives and making us more effective and efficient. If we look at Siri, Alexa and other intelligent apps that help us throughout the day it is easy to see why this tech keeps trending, and why in the future there is so much room for potential growth.

Intelligent Things

Smart appliances, wearables, drones and autonomous vehicles are already in use and they just keep getting better. As more and more consumers make use of these items they become increasingly popular and their functionality expands.


If we look at how popular Pokémon Go was it is easy to see why this tech is a major talking point. AR capabilities are improving all the time and the way this tech is being used is changing the way we complete every day tasks, play online black jack games and generally function.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins are dynamic software models of systems or objects that rely on sensor data to respond to changes, understand status quo or perform certain operations. In the next few years’ digital twins look set to really come into their own and add value to our everyday tasks, in businesses, production and all sectors of modern life.


The improvements in Chatbots have been extreme and now, more intelligent bots are being programmed to respond on a more holistic level and to be able to interpret emotions and work with queues such as tone, body language and emotional pitch. Chatbots are also able to work out organic responses rather than having to be prompted with specific points.

Digital Technology Platforms

These platforms are designed to provide the building blocks for digital businesses. The blocks have become critical for the running of a digital business and enable large corporations to function smoothly. Whether they encompass security features, storage or CRM and other project management tools, digital technology platforms are making running businesses smoother and simpler.

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