The New Look to a Traditional Game

Everyone knows that the old games are the best and that’s exactly why bingo has proved to be such an online hit. With over 100 million players online, bingo is definitely on the increase rather than heading into decline, which looked might be the case a decade or two ago when everyone switched from playing games at the bingo hall to buying lottery tickets instead.

In fact, the transition of bingo to the online world has opened the game up to many millions more people than would ever have contemplated going down to a bingo hall. Bingo halls were the domain of the older generation – with a weekly bingo outing being a regular feature on a lot of OAPs’ calendars. Now though, you’ll find that bingo players range from the very young to the very old. They could just as easily be stay at home mums or stressed out business execs looking for a way to unwind.

One of the constant appeals of bingo is that it’s always been a great value game to play. For just a few pennies, you could buy your way into a game that could win you a huge jackpot, and whether you won or not was completely down to luck. The same goes for online bingo, but somehow it’s even better value now that the game’s online. You can play free bingo at bgo whenever you want to have the fun of playing without putting any of your own money down. Free bingo games are mixed in on the regular playing schedule, and even though they cost nothing to play, they have real cash jackpots to be won.

You’ll also find that when you sign up to a bingo site and put in your first deposit, you’ll be rewarded with a welcome bonus. At bgo, new players can get a 200% bonus, up to the value of £200. So if you only put down £20, your starting credit will be boosted to £60 – that’s an awful lot of bingo tickets!

Bingo is a great game to play when you just feel like zoning out and aren’t really looking to input lots of player participation. All you need to do is choose which game to play and how many tickets to purchase. The rest you can leave to the gaming software to sort out. So it’s a great one to choose when you’re stressed out after a day at work and just feel like some downtime.

It’s also – strangely enough – a route to socialising. As the games play through, you can chat to other players in the bingo chat rooms and you might be surprised by what livewires you’ll find in those chat rooms. Bingo is a game for people of all ages, and most of the players in the chat rooms will be looking for exactly the same thing as you – someone to talk to and have a joke with while they watch their bingo cards, always harbouring a little hope that today will be the day that brings that amazing jackpot!

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