Travel Tips for the Best of Hotel Wifi and More

Getting the most from public wifi has become a topic of conversation these days at more than just the family dinner table. Everyone from travel agents to local politicians want to be able to tell you that your ability to find and use local public wifi is easy and probably free in their city. But if you are heading out for a business trip, how do you know for certain that your hotel wifi will work and best of all be secure? Sometimes when we are on the go, finding wifi that will keep the signal strong can be just as important.

Here are a few tips from seasoned travellers about how to get around the problem of weak or insecure wifi hotspots. Whether you are hoping to send that last email before boarding your plane at the airport or looking to relax in your hotel room and catch up on your favorite show on Netflix, having good wifi wherever you go has become the key to keeping the modern traveller happy. These ideas may help you to achieve wifi satisfaction with a minimum of effort.

Hotel Wifi and Hot Spots

While it is true that most hotels of any reputation these days will offer you wifi, it may not always be free. To get all the connection you want without paying the astronomical fees many hotels charge, you may want to head down to the lobby and jack in. It is not unusual to find that local hotels will offer jacks for uploading free internet. Once you do, check for local hot spots.

Hot spots are areas that local internet providers create to allow you to jump into the local wifi, often for free. While some hotels may not be exactly welcoming of the idea of having their guests sitting around the lobby typing away on their laptops, if they have jacks for the guests you are entitled to use them. If they are not in the lobby, check the coffee shop connected to the hotel as they are often available for morning guests while they sip their coffee.

Making the Best of Airports

While no one really loves to spend all their time at the airport, if you travel you probably do spend quite a few hours out of each trip waiting around in one. While more and more airports now offer wifi for their customers, it isn’t free and often it can be tough to get a good signal. But most airports do have jacks, if you know where to look for them. Like hotspots in major cities, there are websites that love to share this kind of information. So be sure to check out one of the many websites that love to give the scoop on wifi at airports before you head out for your next flight. And if you feel that you are simply outnumbered and therefore getting a poor wifi signal, don’t forget to head out to the nearest empty gate to increase your odds of a good signal.

Wifi, Jacks and Gadgets

In the end you can also check the net for some great gadgets that will help you to increase your wifi pull when on the move. One such gadget is the directional antenna card that will help you get a better signal. If you often travel to big hotels that may have overloaded routers, you might want to try bringing your own portable router. It not only will ensure a better signal; it will also give you greater security from hackers.

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