Versatile Workstations

It’s more important than ever for companies to stay relevant and up-to-date in order to survive and thrive in this modern business landscape. Companies must constantly innovate their product offerings so they may be in line with technological advancements and expand into untapped markets. Many companies even move physically from prime downtown locations to wider, cleaner, greener industrial areas along the suburbs.

IBM – A case in point.

IBM is a leading company who embraces business and technological changes. Over the years, IBM evolved from a highly trusted manufacturing giant to a research and development tech giant. They are not only leading technological innovation at several fronts, but also encouraging other enterprises to benefit from their scientific breakthroughs. Today, IBM’s cloud, big data and analytics, mobile solutions and social business expertise aren’t simply redefining computing, they are revolutionizing businesses and the role of IT around the world to meet business priorities.

Other business giants such as Microsoft also attribute a large portion of their revenue and success to licensing software technologies;often to direct competitors, such as Nokia in the cellular phone market.

Changing Corporate Culture

While companies are undergoing structural changes to keep up with sweeping technological changes, they also need to make changes in the organization’s culture. Employees are often struggling to keep up with work pressures, crunching deadlines, rising expenses and falling revenues. In many cases, the work-life balance is completely distorted and employees are faced with acute stress and fatigue. This often results in a drop in productivity and quality.

To avoid high attrition rates and encourage productivity and quality at workplace, the corporate culture must embrace a collaborative office environment which fosters learning and creativity. Flexible office workstations are an ideal solution as they adapt to the work style of individual employees. There are times when a team member needs to sit in a quiet place to think or reflect about something; at other times, a work problem may necessitate open interaction with other team members. These open concept workstations are built to fulfil these unique needs; some come in various formats which offer privacy and easy communication with fellow team members. Some examples of versatile workstations include:

Teaming Stations

Teaming stations have adjustable panels or partitions that give employees a sense of privacy when they need to be alone. It also keeps them connected with other team members as they are physically sharing the same space while they collaborate, discuss ideas, and brainstorm. There is also an option of employing double-glazed tinted partitions, which you can get from a company similar to Nexaa, that may provide a little bit of privacy as well as if they are retractable, a way to interact with other teammates.

Huddle tables

Huddle tables are another great addition to create a positive work environment. They are easy to configure for bigger and smaller groups. They are also great for team meetings and brainstorming sessions creating an open yet connected sense of space. Business owners or employers can check out stores like Belleze Furniture and buy these tables according to their business requirements.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms with comfortable chairs and couches form great spaces for people to rejuvenate and refresh. They have an informal feel and vibe usually complete with the addition of a foosball table or a picture wall. This gives employees a chance to unwind so they may stay productive.

Treadmill Desks

A great way to walk and burn calories, all the while finishing that lengthy product report sounds like a perfect multi-tasking solution. Treadmill desks can perfectly fit your laptop or monitor and keyboard just like an office desk. You can increase or decrease walking pace by the push of a button. Of course, you don’t want to walk too fast or it will be difficult to type. They are extremely versatile so you can sit when tired without moving anything from the workstation.

Adjustable Height Workstation

An adjustable height workstation is completely customizable so you can work sitting down or standing up. The push button adjustment feature, adjustable glides and manual height manager takes into account your activity and movement throughout the day.

Balance Ball Chair

Ditch the boring leather office chair for a balance ball chair also known as an exercise ball. Since the exercise ball chair is unstable, your body has to make an attempt to balance on it. This forces the body to maintain a perfect spine posture which reduces backaches and other spinal issues. It also helps in blood circulation, helps strengthen your core, and also helps to burn calories.

Versatile workstations are a great value and addition to any office space. They are innovative, contemporary and have proven health benefits for employees. 2017 is the time to budget for some versatile office furniture. Take your pick.

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