How to use video to improve your SEO

Video has been hailed as the future of content marketing, and there are many ways that videos can help website SEO. We’ve got the lowdown on how videos can add value to your site and why you should consider them as a worthy addition to your SEO strategy.


Content is key

As an increasingly popular format which allows you to present your content in fresh and existing ways, video can be a valuable addition to your content. Videos offer an effective way to provide information about non-retail products such as financial services, or to explain difficult concepts. You can use video to boost rankings by covering niche topics- do your research and find out which video topics have already been covered by your competitors, and which gaps are yet to be filled. The most successful videos educate or entertain your visitors, rather than just offering a hard sell.

If you are stuck for inspiration, consider which frequently asked questions are from your clients- could you do explainer videos or How To guides? Providing something that people need is the key to getting your videos ranking well. Another benefit of using videos is that they can be repurposed to create many pieces of content. Your 20 minute video can be broken down into smaller clips, you could publish the video transcript as a blog post, or use the visuals to create an infographic or slideshow.

How videos can increase your rankings

There has been a shift in the SEO world in recent years, as we move away from just building links to a focus on creating high-quality content that will naturally attract links over time. In short, adding videos to your site will make people spend longer on that page and reduce bounce rate, which is a ranking factor. Improve your website SEO further by adding relevant keywords to the title and description of your video. If need be, take the help of professionals like the ones available at Victorious ( who can provide SEO content services to empower your SEO campaign.

Remember that uploading your videos to external platforms such as YouTube also helps, as this creates backlinks to your website. These backlinks can help boost your own rankings, especially when they are from websites with a high Google Page Rank score like YouTube. You can make the most of the popularity of these platforms by uploading a shorter preview version of your video, with a link to your website for users to watch the full video there.

Focus on users

A strong SEO strategy focuses on users just as much as the robots, so videos are a great way to offer something of value that visitors to your site will appreciate. Good content means happy website visitors, which then leads to shares on social media. So what is the secret of producing share-worthy content? It’s about providing something that your target audience will value, whether because it is unique, creative, useful or something that provokes discussion. The most successful videos seem to be those which are memorable and different, but it’s also the quality of your content that will make your video stand out. This is where a Video Production company can help. Professionals from video production companies can shoot and create videos that tell a story. This in turn can capture the attention of viewers to find out more about your business.

To put it simply, people like videos; there is no denying the popularity of this new wave of content marketing. With so many different kinds of video out there, it is easy to find something right for your business. Try adding video to your SEO strategy and it will soon pay off.

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