The Virtues and Vices of the Mobile Casino

Fast and Easy!

Remember the time when it took days to receive one simple message Today, receiving and sending messages from across the globe only takes a few seconds, thanks to mobile phones! And, thanks to the Internet, buying food or clothes, paying bills, doing business deals can all be done in a matter of minutes. Mobile goodies really make our life easier. Work gets done in a jiffy so you still have time to relax!

Want to play some card games?

Okay, you got me. What I really love about the ‘fast life’ is my chance to unwind and play cards when I have a free time. And, for card players like me, mobile casinos are very convenient. In the olden times (Ha! Ha!), if I want to play cards in the casino, I need to dress up, drive or hail a cab to get to the place. But, with the mobile casino everything I need is just a click away.  I can play any time I want, anywhere I want! No need to meet opponents or dealers and make small talk. I just play! And, best of all they offer other games aside from my favorite Blackjack.


VIP Club Casino is an awesome mobile casino. I simply download their application and sign in. I can play my favorite Blackjack game when it’s convenient for me. Moreover, they also have the Classic Blackjack and other card games to choose from. I enjoyed playing European Blackjack and Deuces Wild, and I am sure I will also enjoy the other casino games.

Sometimes I also try the Scratch Games. I don’t get bored with their games because they have a lot of choices. I strongly suggest the Cold Cash and Lucky 7’s scratch games. Why? Well, you might win too! I got some extra cash in my pocket today because I ‘scratched’!

Slot machines weren’t really my thing before, but their slot machines were intriguing so I tried them. The games are so simple yet exciting.  I was in a coffee shop with a friend when I first played it. I tried the ‘Top Speed’ and the ‘Treasures of King Arthur ‘slot machines and just imagine the stares I got when I hit the jackpot! Bill, my friend, also played the ‘Treasures of Egypt’ and ‘Big Ben’, but sorry, no luck for him.


What made me stick to VIPClubCasino?  Aside from the fact that they support “responsible gaming” and do not accept underage players, they also give £10 ‘Welcome Bonus’ to first-time players!  It may sound corny or something, but I see it as a message that says, “Good Luck” to all their players.

All in all, playing mobile casinos is worth it!  It is more convenient than the traditional casino. If your goal is to win, well you can do that too with mobile casinos. Hassle-free, more excitement and lots of games to choose from!

Take it from me! Anytime, anywhere, I just click and have a lot of fun! And, I get to win too!  A lot!

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