Why Wi-Fi is essential for hospitality businesses.

Your hospitality business may get a lot of customers through the door, but are you keeping them happy once they are seated at the table?

A survey by Purple in 2016 found that free Wi-Fi increases customer satisfaction and repeat custom.

The findings:

  • 80% said that the use of Wi-Fi in bars and restaurants contributes to a positive experience
  • In age group 35-44 that figure rose to 90%
  • 60% said being able to use Wi-Fi when out for a drink or meal would make them a more loyal customer
  • If available 55% said they would sometimes use the Wi-Fi
  • 40% always log in
  • 84% of respondents reported that they browse the internet whilst out socialising
  • 58% said they use free Wi-Fi for keeping in touch with friends

Whilst using a free Wi-Fi service is great for customer satisfaction and loyalty it can also be combined with marketing tools and therefore be used to boost business even further. Asking for information when logging into the free Wi-Fi will help you create appropriate actions and interactions with potential customers.

Besides, a reliable Wi-Fi service can help companies promote and advertise their services through curated streaming TV platform like AtmosphereTV. These TVs can be set inside hospitality businesses’ waiting rooms and bar lounges to keep the customers engaged. Such interactive TV can also keep customers relaxed while they wait for their service (or food) to be delivered. Of course, the simple availability of Wi-Fi would also encourage customers to spend more time, which in turn helps you serve them more.

  • 51% of respondents said that being rewarded for spending a certain amount would make them more likely to come back
  • 35% said that access to exclusive gifts and offers via Wi-Fi would make them more of a devoted customer.

If you’re still not convinced, why not try it out and see the difference it could make to your business or run a survey for your own customers.

Talk to a certified IT professional now to set up your own Wi-Fi for your hospitality business.

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