Windows 10: Should You Update?

The latest incarnation of Windows has caused much debate in the technosphere, and it’s no wonder no body knows whether to hit the upgrade button or keep dismissing it entirely.

Usually an upgrade is a total no brainer, who doesn’t want their PC to run a little quicker and give them lots of exciting new features with zero cost.

But while the battle still rages on, if you’re still stuck in no-mans land,  we’ve given you the most honest download on whether you should bite the proverbial bullet.


Increased Battery Life

From the tests that have been carried out on PC’s so far, there has been a significant increase in the battery life with the help of Windows 10.

Call it a condenser of all the rubbish currently making your computer running at a snails pace, but if you’re struggling to get anything loaded or open, you might benefit from the upgrade just give it a bit fire power once again.

Of course this will no doubt depend on the software you’re currently running on your PC, so if it’s time to give your computer a spring clean I’d strongly suggest giving it an MOT before upgrading.

It’s Free

Who doesn’t love a freebie when it comes to new technology?

Since our computers are something that we use on a daily basis, they’re pivotal to not only the work we do, but how we now live our lives, so don’t delay in making it better and enhancing your user experience with the variety of free upgrades.


With mainstream support being implemented on Windows 10 until 2020, if you do come across any problems, you have the guarantee that Windows will help you to resolve it.

Compatible with All Devices

There’s no such thing as one size fits all with tech in our digital revolution and we can all put our hands up to owning more than one device. From desktops, laptops and even tablets and phones, Mycroft’s news user interface is designed to work with them all, and become a competitor for Apples much bragged about ios6.

No matter where you left off you can pick it back up again wherever you are and continue your work.

Virtual Desktops

Microsoft has finally jumped on the bandwagon with Linux and evolved Windows 10 to provide virtual desktops for work life and play.

How ever you wish to organise your life, the ease of the process can allow you to switch from personal projects to work without having to spend tedious hours bookmarking everything that you find. 


If you’re Designer

If you’re on a more recent version of Adobe’s creative Cloud or Creative Suite products, unfortunately you may want to steer clear from the update.

At present many of the CS3 generation products have compatibility issues, so if you want an update you’re going have to fork out for the cost of an Adobe upgrade.

Another thing to bare in mind is if your Adobe product plug-in uses GPU acceleration and this may not be fully Windows 10 ready either.

For designers it appears that the MAC way is going to be the only way until Windows can sort themselves out.



We don’t know why tech companies have an obsession with voice activated assistants, but as Siri’s rival, Cortana is just as frustrating and is not without it faults.

Setting it up can be a real pain, and then there’s the embarrassment of shouting demands at your computer in the office without looking like you’ve lost your marbles.

A Long Process

Put the kettle on, go out for lunch or take a short holiday, brace yourself for the time it’s going to take you to upgrade because Windows 10 certainly knows how to eat in to your time.

If your PC hasn’t forced the upgrade already then set aside some time to do it that’s not going to make you give up on life.

A Few Bugs

Like with any new piece of software it’s still going through teething problems since it’s launch, and if you’re really averse to change it might be better the devil you know.

Ben Simpson from Microbyte IT Solutions has currently been upgrading their clients to Windows 10 and suggests you should definitely do your investigation, “Before making the leap I’d strongly recommend contacting your IT support as we’ve seen cases where you may be sharing out your WIFI passwords without realizing it”.

The Windows 10 debate is certainly a balanced one at that, but understanding the way you work or they way you want the software to work for you, is going to be the decision that needs to be made clear before hitting the upgrade.

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