Why Are Wireless Networks The Future For Business?  

The traditional model of fixed physical cabling is now becoming less appealing for modern businesses that see the many advantages offered by wireless networks, with wi-fi likely to be the preferred communication mode of the future for many companies.




Frankly wireless networks are a far more practical solution for businesses that require cost-savings and flexibility.


Connection speeds are usually far faster, enabling greater efficiency and higher profits therefore.


The majority of devices reaching the market today which find usage in the business world such as smartphones, laptops and tablets are fully-optimised for wireless – people (staff, clients) expect to be able to connect wherever they are in an office: the meeting-room, the canteen, break-out spaces. Having to find a cable and available socket every time a client visits, or a change of room is required, is inconvenient.


Going wireless allows for significantly greater scalability – if a business is expanding rapidly, this is likely to be done in stages. Adding new cabling each time would be expensive and disruptive, but wireless networks reduces the hassle to a minimum. Thus business flexibility and cost-saving is attained.


Although there have been concerns over network security (cabling is viewed as more secure since it is contained within a building whereas a wireless network can in theory be accessed from some distance away from an office), security measures are now very advanced and are usually effective so long as staff actually use them. And when it comes to detecting rogue access points, this is actually easier than with cabling.


Voice-over WLAN communications are easy, enabling staff to stay in touch with their colleagues and clients by a variety of channels, again improving business efficiency.


Any business looking to upgrade its technology or move into different premises is naturally going to have wireless communications at the top of its agenda. The potential benefits are far too many to ignore, so this is definitely going to be the future for business. The other important point to consider of course is that we don’t know what technological requirements we will have in 10, 20 years’ time – wireless networks though are much more likely to be able to cope, and are easier to replace if necessary too.

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